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  1. SR400 billion recovered in corruption crackdown (saudigazette, Jan 30, 2019)

    “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has reviewed the final report submitted by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, chairman of the Supreme Committee to investigate public corruption, according to a Royal Court statement.

    The King approved the request of the Crown Prince to conclude the committee’s tasks during which a total of SR400 billion were recovered in corruption cases representing several types of assets in real estate, companies, securities, and in cash.

    The report stated that the committee has realized its objectives, saying that the number o381 individuals were summoned. Some of these individuals were summoned only to testify.

    Settlements were reached with 87 individuals after they confessed to charges filed against them and their subsequent agreement to settlements.

    The Public Prosecutor has refused to settle the cases of 56 individuals due to already existing criminal charges filed against them. These individuals refused to settle their cases despite the existence of evidence against them, and they were referred to the Public Prosecutor for further due process in accordance with relevant laws.

    As a result of the aforementioned measures, more than SR400 billion ($106.6 billion) were retrieved to the state treasury, the Royal Court said.

    The statement noted that the committee, which was established by a royal decree on 4 Nov. 2017, conducted a comprehensive review of each detainee’s case under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor, and accordingly every detainee was presented with the charges against them. After the due processing of each case, the detainees, who were not indicted with corruption charges, were released.

    The Royal Court stated that the committee has completed its objective and accordingly, the Crown Prince requested King Salman’s approval to conclude its tasks.

    The King has approved this request and in doing so expressed his appreciation to the Crown Prince, members of the committee and the staff for their efforts.

    The Monarch also emphasized that the Kingdom will continue its efforts to preserve integrity, combat corruption, and empower law enforcement and other relevant state bodies so that they are able to effectively practice their role in preserving public funds, the statement added.”

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