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15 Replies to “Islamic antisemitism in The Netherlands on Holocaust Memorial Day”

  1. One week from today I’m going into the belly of the beast, Honolulu HI, and I will try to make clear to those that don’t have “immigrants or refugees” what the fall out is of those circumstances. I so wish that we could air drop about 30,000 “refugees” into their community and ask them 6 months later how they feel about it…
    I do not wish confrontation but I must say that the majority of those with which I will be interacting do not have children.They live what I consider a destructive life style.
    So, when you think of Hawaii, rather than thinking of warm sand beaches maybe you should think of the destructive lifestyle and the homeless drug addicts that populate those islands.
    When you are at a vacation resort, as I have never been, it must be easy to think of the ultimate paradise. After all, you paid for that fantasy….
    My image is of dirt and air pollution and noise, homeless people defecating on strips of grass and celluline packets everywhere in a hot and humid enivro.
    It is a 10 hour trip to get there from here and I am not looking forward to it. The last time I took this trip I got incredibly ill. So now I have a defensive policy of wiping down everything with a sanitized cloth and wearing a mask on my face. Being shoved inside a tube for 10 hours with 200 other people is a recipe for infection.
    I love my son and wouldn’t be going to Hawaii if he didn’t live there.

  2. There is not much to say here other than I feel terribly sorry for the Jews.
    Come to the US. I would be delighted to have you as a neighbor.
    Your time in Europe is gone.

    • Time’s up for the Jews of Europe.
      Many are dhimmis (plenty of dhimmis in Israel too). Others are like our sjw-democrats – either brainwashed or kapos-in-waiting.

      I have little sympathy for them. There’s a saying, “You take the Jew out of the ghetto, but taking the ghetto out of the Jew is more difficult.”

      They’ve got alternatives this time around, thank-G-d. Anne Frank is dead.
      Long live Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman! http://www.galgadot.com

      What’s important is what they represent for the society at large: It always start with Jews, but it never stops with them. That should set off alarms up and down the Continent.

      • That should set off alarms up and down the Continent.

        It has. Unfortunately, everybody’s taking it as a signal to double down on their Antisemitism.

        Of all the places on earth, you’d think that Europe had learned this lesson well enough.

        How many more must die? This time, Islam’s being allowed to count and we all know how retarded Muslims are.

      • It always start with Jews, but it never stops with them.

        They don’t teach this is schools, and I doubt they teach that it always starts with Jews anymore. The attacks on all of European descent may wake some people up enough to get the fact of history taught but I doubt it.

    • i don’t know about the whole of Europe, but there are certainly places dangerous for jews. There’s a steady trickle of them leaving France. Some go to Israel, don’t know where the rest go.
      Belgium has a large jewish community, concentrated in Antwerp. There have been attacks, but I’m not aware of anyone leaving.
      The Netherlands is a bit different, the jewish community is small and almostinvisible. Antisemitism is the biggest of all taboos, but some “communities” have different attitudes, as the video shows.
      Worst antisemitic incident I’m aware of was a home invasion in 2015. Samuel and Diana Blog (camp survivor), both in their 80s, were robbed by muslims impersonating police:

      • I forgot to mention they had a mezuzah next to their door, and they ran a kosher shop. It seems they were well known (and liked) in the neighborhood as well. So they were easily identifiable as jews, which is not without danger in the Netherlands. At least in the bigger cities.

        • Part of my family settled in the Netherlands after leaving Spain. Then some went to Italy and others to the colony that was to become New Amsterdam. Certain terms in the Sephardic liturgy trace back to that time.

          The Jewish population there today is not from the Spanish line.

          Dutch Jews today:


          • I’m not sure why you post these links, it’s hysterical pro-Israel propaganda.. but ok I’ll bite.
            “anti-Israel incitement”: in the ’70s, dutch population was overwhelmingly pro-Israel, ad stickers on their cars etc. Enthusiasm faded, other issues became prominent (Cold war, Apartheid etc). Current attitude is apathy.
            How is Mr Samsom’s opinion on the Pal-Israel conflict important? And how is it “anti-Israel”? I can’t be bothered to look his speech up, he was kicked out of Labor and is irrelevant now. Labor itself is irrelevant, they have 9 seats.
            I’ve never heard of Coraid.. if subsidies leak away towards BDS NGOs, yeah that’s a bad thing. But hardly surprising, the dutch gov sprinkels money over everything, some of it ends up in the wrong place, even with jihadis. There’s a scandal now and then but nothing is done, there are way too many beneficiaries to audit them all.
            The threats against jewish businessmen don’t come from native dutch.. as suggested by the home invasion by Moroccans mentioned in the same paragraph.
            That robbery certainly had an antisemitic aspect, such things happen to other groups as well though, incl natives.
            That human rights activist with her Mossad story was muslim, I believe. It was retracted / and or denied by dutch intelligence, don’t remember exactly.
            The Netherlands has a large nr of such islamist craptivists, they play victim all the time, claim racism (just like this article), what can you do?

          • Regarding the “a la carte jews”, what is your point exactly? There still are some sephardic jews left – I knew one, moved to Israel though.
            Ashkenazi came as refugees in the 30s, don’t know how many there are today.
            Many jews left after WWII. Many natives did too, it was encouraged by government due to economy and housing.
            What the interview book shows is there’s no coherent jewish “community” in the Netherlands. I think many are recent arrivals, from the Baltic, Israel, US, MENA etc.
            Depending on your attitude you could call them assimilated / deracinated / fragmented, whatever. Again, not sure what the point is.
            The line about jealousy because “I go on holidays, I have a car” made me chuckle, everybody has that. This isn’t the 3rd world you know.

          • Very one-sided article. Yes, dutch government’s attitude towards jews after WWII was questionable – some of it was rectified later btw.
            I they weren’t necessarily singled out, but the attitude was very legalistic and didn’t allow for special circumstances. The general attitude at the time was”everybody suffered, let’s get on with building the future instead of looking back”. There were other groups who’d lost everything, like native dutch who survived japanese camps in Indonesia. Nobody wanted to hear those stories.
            “The Dutch government denied its responsibility for what Dutch authorities did to the Jews during the war”: rightly so. The Netherlands was a nazi colony, exploited by Austrian SS, there were no Dutch authorities anymore. The police refused to cooperate, went on strike and was purged a few times. Nazis recruited the uneducated, jobless and criminals for task forces that hunted jews. Leader of one group, Wim Henneicke, was assassinated by resistance:
            All these people were tried after the war.

            A recent (subject was too sensitive) book discussed jewish jew-hunters. Makes sense for nazis to recruit such people.

            About 2.5% of population collaborated, 2.5% resisted, rest kept their head down. 300,000 people died in total.

            It was the only western occupied country where Christian leaders spoke out against the persecution-they were all sent to the camps.

            Only nazi-occupied country that saw mass protests by non-jews against the persecution :

            Other mass strikes (in Dutch):
            Doctor’s strike of ’43 (no link).

            That last one led to the Hungerwinter..

            Have a look at this
            and esp this “incident”

    • Another Pipes article, a series he’s worked on for the last year or so. Links to more at the site:

      Europe’s Civilizationist Parties don’t shun the populists of Europe; work with and learn from them
      Evelyn Gorden:
      Jews Feel Safer in Europe’s Conservative East Than Its Liberal West:
      …Nevertheless, there was a stark difference between Eastern and Western Europe.

      In the east, a whopping 96 percent of respondents felt safe, while only four percent felt unsafe. In the West, 76 percent felt safe, and 24 percent felt unsafe. Respondents from places like Poland, Hungary, and Romania—countries routinely accused of having anti-Semitic, borderline fascist governments—felt safer than Jews in liberal countries like France and Germany by a 20-point margin.

      Moreover, “Western European respondents were more likely to consider antisemitism as a threat than were Eastern Europeans, and to report deterioration in the situation from earlier surveys,” the JDC’s report said. Nor is this mere subjective perception: Other studies have found that Jews are much more likely to experience physical violence in Western Europe than in Eastern Europe. In 2017, for instance, Hungary’s 100,000 Jews didn’t report a single physical attack, while Britain’s 250,000 Jews reported 145.
      The Wheel of Fortune swings ’round.

      Great chunks of European civilization might be moving East. Leaders in Poland have been extremely cordial; Hungary has promoted its own “Law of Return”.

      The term’s a little clumsy, but with people like Bibi, Brian of London, and Polish diplomats using it in context, it’s growing on me.

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