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12 Replies to “How Roger Stone was arrested and what CNN, who shouldn’t have been there, hid from you”

  1. Compare to https://www.jewishpress.com/judaism/jewish-columns/chodesh-tov/the-rubashkin-saga-xi/2018/03/16/
    Weeks after the immigration raid Shalom Rubashkin and other Agri officials were arrested on charges of harboring illegal aliens, violating safety regulations and other crimes. The standard procedure for one about to be arrested for a federal violation is to inform the subject’s lawyers. The attorney will then inform the prosecutor that his client will surrender voluntarily and plead not guilty to the formal charge. Whenever a prosecutor speaks with a defense attorney the suspect always submits himself.

    But this was not the case with Shalom Rubashkin. The man was treated like no other defendant ever arrested on illegal immigration violations. The federal prosecutors sent out marshals to handcuff and shackle him in manacles as they led him past a phalanx of waiting photographers and TV crews on October 30, 2008.

    A bearded chassidic man led off in irons would surely promote the prosecutor’s careers and earn them front page New York Times coverage. They also did not fail to leak their incendiary and false accusations that Agri possessed a meth lab and that workers traded arms for cash.

    These were the same Federal Prosecutors that rejected Agri’s invitation to peacefully enter the plant and eliminate anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. They apparently reveled in all of the front-page attention, as, let’s be honest, a prosecutor can make his way into a major, lucrative law firm through involvement in a high-profile case. These federal prosecutors were making this the father-of-all high-profile cases.

    The Feds were having such a bonanza with headlines and coverage, that the State officials (read: Dave Neil) were envious and also wanted in. Thus, the Iowa Department of Labor (IDOL), in a near-comic case of inflated imagination, leveled a 9311-count (!) indictment regarding the employment of between 25-30 minors at Agri. As Nathan Lewin described this, it was not a prosecution but a persecution[2]. By the time Rubashkin went to trial the charges were reduced to 83, and by the time it went to the jury it was lessened to 67. The jury found Shalom Rubashkin not guilty of a single charge!

    But one cannot walk away from such a fantastically steep charge with a “not guilty” verdict and pick up where you left off. This might be called the Donovan Syndrome.

    Raymond Donovan, President Reagan’s first secretary of labor, was a victim of a long campaign of rumors and innuendo, which finally culminated in a criminal prosecution. After running up legal bills in excess of a million dollars, he was acquitted of all charges. When he emerged from the courtroom, and reporters swarmed around him for his comment, Donovan posed a bitter question: “Where do I go to get my reputation back?”

  2. The FBI are planning to arrest Nick Sandmann and his gang of White Catholic boys holed up in Covington Catholic Boys school.

    The reason for the delay is that the FBI has to muster a 1000 heavily armed men with helicopter gunship close support.

    • That is what I call “A joke of logical extremes’. I made a commitment to myself a few years ago not to make them as in this postmodern age it is less a joke than a data point for totalitarian muslims or leftists to action.

      Not saying anyone else shouldn’t make them or anything like that. Just sharing my thought process. They seem far less funny than they used to.

  3. Having watched the youtubes, the boys were restrained beyond belief. Its the Native American and the so called Black Hebrews (whoever they are), who were totally out of order. As adults they lacked any sense of restraint and good manners. Just boorish and vulgar. They certainly are not good examples.
    The Native American and Blacks took advantage of their higher cultural status (undeserved as they or their group identity has contributed nothing, zero, to civilisation), and racially abused the boys.
    Unfortunately for these well behaved young boys, they were White, boys and Christian. That puts them bottom of the pile in the West.
    In a previous post, I pointed out the immense damage that is being done, through the last 20 years of denigrating White boys. Most of it done in school by mostly female feminist teachers, heavily indoctrinated by Marxist lecturers at universities.
    Guest who: It is expected if not excusable that the American media stay true to their TDS biases to the bitter end.
    well, here’s how one writer for Vulture put it: “I just want these people to die. Simple as that. Every single one of them. And their parents.” The students were, in this estimate, only “white slugs.”
    I suppose this is what they mean when they attacked a group of well behaved and well mannered young boys. Staying true to their Pavlovian TDS.

    • These kids are amazing!
      Really encouraging, they behaved a whole lot better than I would’ve at any age. Kudos to their families.
      Make the school EAT their tuition for the duration.

  4. Roger Stone is correct about the goal of Mueller but the secondary goal is to show any other person who think they can take on the Deep State and restore the US to a Constitutional Republic what they and their team will face. Mueller and his political masters are big government types who hate restrictions on what they can do. These are the people who want to create a multi tiered judicial system with anyone who doesn’t bow down to them being on the bottom. They are losing the the Court of Public opinion and are about ready to take to the streets to try and take by force what they are unable to take by the ballot box or the courts.

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