Austrian official, Gerald Grosz, on loss of rights due to political correctness

This is a critical point that is simply not made enough.

Why should I lose my freedom of speech, of movement, of privacy so that we can pretend muslims are not the problem destroying civil society?

And this is on Austrian TV.

Austria is clearly a newly minted red pill nation. The next post will make that even clearer. Many thanks to MissPiggy for this excellent clip.

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3 Replies to “Austrian official, Gerald Grosz, on loss of rights due to political correctness”

  1. This is a good take on what the new laws are doing, but ignore the fact that 1) the intent of those demanding new laws may be to destroy the rule of law. 2) There are already laws against assault, rape and murder. Why not enforce those laws?

    A few weeks ago there was a case where a Federal Judge threw out a conviction of a woman who mutilates litters girls genitals for a living. People were screaming about this evil Judge who was simply enforcing the Federalism that the US is suppose to have. That crime was clearly a State Issue and if there wasn’t a law specifically forbidding genital mutilation there are laws against mutilation, child abuse and sexual abuse of a child. I defy you to say those don’t apply in that case. The Austrian laws against Assault, Rape and Murder (if enforced) should be enough to handle the crimes without depriving people of their freedom.

    One big question, if Austria isn’t enforcing the laws already on the books what makes anyone think they will enforce the new laws?

  2. The common Austrians have been red-pilled for wuite some time, but the politicians didn’t listen. However, how far the new government will be able to implement stronger measures against muslim criminals remains to be seen. I am not overly optimistic. Too much resistance in the traditional ÖVP (People’s Party).

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