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5 Replies to “Stunning clip by Austrian Secretary of State on migrants murdering local girls”

  1. Correctly recognizing and understanding a problem is, as is frequently stated, the first step in solving a problem. So … what, if anything, are they going to do about it?

    • Nothing. They will do nothing whatsoever. This stupid woman is couching the whole issue of a foreign invasion,facilitated by her own government, into another supposed minority (ie womans) issue. Until it is viewed and expressed as exactly what it is,which is a full on assault on every single European with a view to making them extinct,then no one will do anything.

      • You’re right, Patrick.

        They’re lost till they stop framing it in terms of “values”. Squirming around the criminal justice system is also a big FAIL.

        It’s war.
        The commies crossed over to the invaders’ camp; they’re collaborators.
        At some point at least some Euros will realize they’ve been OCCUPIED.

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