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5 Replies to “How Soviet is Canada at this time? Lets look at government Vs. non-controlled journalism”

  1. Radio Carolyne, an off shore radio station which competed with the BBC, operated for years beyond the reach of the UK government.
    As the Rebel appears to be largely Internet based, Mr Levant might consider moving to BC or, better, to the US where he could operate with complete freedom.
    I would not like to see the Rebel crushed.
    (Canadian Citizen living in France)

    • In the 1970s, there used to be a (I think left leaning) pirate radio station on a boat in the Mediterranean, called, “Abbe Nathan’s Peace Ship”. He had a light aircraft he could take off and land, from his boat. he was the first Israeli to land ion Egypt.

      He was left leaning but not like today’s left, more like 1960s hippie libertarian left.

      But that was a long time ago and memory is weak.

      But the concept is strong. Perhaps The Rebel can launch something like that.

      • Interesting idea, the Irishman who does Computing Forever says that if the EU copyright law becomes law he will have to move to Northern Ireland to be able to keep posting his videos. He says he can visit his family on weekends but given the way the EU is going that might not be safe.

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