Canada needs an exorcism

White comedian rejected for show in Montreal after dreadlocks deemed ‘cultural appropriation’

(Selective enforcement of the most pernicious trick of the postmodern left at it’s current apex. Maybe its time to enforce it thee other way. See how that works out.)

MONTREAL — An aspiring Montreal comedian has been told he cannot take part in shows at a university bar because his dreadlocks are a form of cultural appropriation.

The Coop les Recoltes, a bar and solidarity co-operative at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal, confirmed on Facebook its decision to exclude Zach Poitras, who is white, because of his hairstyle. Poitras, denied a spot at the Snowflake Comedy Club and another evening of “engaged humour,” declined comment on the situation.


The bar is operated by the UQAM branch of the Public Interest Research Group, which focuses on environmental and social issues. In its Facebook statement, the co-operative says its mission is to be “a safe space, free of relationships of oppression.” It describes cultural appropriation as a form of violence.


“We will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment within our spaces,” it says. It defines cultural appropriation as when “someone from a dominant culture appropriates symbols, clothing or hairstyles that come from historically dominated cultures.”

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  1. “It defines cultural appropriation as when “someone from a dominant culture appropriates symbols, clothing or hairstyles that come from historically dominated cultures.””

    Non-whites raised by whites who told them they are special.

  2. Then I reserve the right to be offended by blacks and orientals who dye their hard blonde or red.

    But then, as I am loading my musket in preparation for this silly argument, I see crystal clearly the effectiveness of the PoMo deconstruction tactic by setting as many societal identities at eachother’s throats, while those in charge enjoy the show.

    • Africans in Africa having mobile phones comes to mind.

      ‘Back to the paddy-fields’ – Pol Pot

      Targeting the masses to be stripped of possessing anything. Just takes one little positive acquiescence.

  3. Contributor’s links?

    “Look at those silly old goats,” laughed one wolf, “pushing that rock up that hill. And now that one has wandered away, their job is much harder, still!”
    “Heave!” said one goat, urging the others. “The top is almost in sight. We haven’t a choice but to keep keeping on. We haven’t a choice but to fight!”

    Finally then, the lost goat appeared, helping again all to push.”I went with the wolves to hear how they speak, I dressed up and fooled every one. I’ll tell you all the things that I heard as soon as our task is done.”

    or something…

  4. Number of Migrant Sea Arrivals in EU Nearly Doubles Year-on-Year in 2019 – UN (sputniknews, Jan 18, 2019)

    “A total of 4,216 migrants have crossed into Europe by sea this year, which is almost twice as high as in the same period in 2018, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday.

    “The UN Migration Agency, reports that 4,216 migrants and refugees have entered Europe by sea through the first 16 days of 2019, an increase that nearly doubles the total (2,365) arriving during the same period last year,” the IOM said in a statement.

    Meanwhile, undocumented migrant arrivals by sea to Spain make up almost 80 percent of all Mediterranean arrivals of such type through mid-January, while the total number of them is now nearly as high as the number recorded in this European country in the first three months of 2018, the IOM added.

    As of January 16, the number of deaths registered on Mediterranean Sea routes totalled 83, compared with 199 recorded over the same period in the previous year.

    Europe has been facing a large influx of migrants since 2015, and although the number of new arrivals has gone down since that, the issue of accommodating migrants and refugees remains acute, especially for Spain, Italy, and Greece, which often serve as points of first entry into the European Union.”

  5. Terrifying moment cowardly thug squirted ‘acid’ in faces of clubbers then fled yelling homophobic insults, as he and his gang are jailed for a total of nearly 60 years (dailymail, Jan 18, 2019)

    “Shocking footage shows the moment a thug sprays clubbers with a ‘noxious substance’ in a mass brawl outside a nightclub.

    Huseyin Onel, 24, squirted the liquid at the faces of revellers after they tried to stop an attack on man outside the venue in Hackney, east London.

    The man, who police have not been able to trace, had been punched and kicked after he approached a group of men who were sitting in cars in Alvington Crescent at 5am on May 5.

    Another group leaving the nightclub then tried to stop the attack, but when one of them began filming the scene on his phone, the men turned on him.

    As the fight escalated, Onel got a bottle from one of the cars, and then started spraying the noxious liquid in the faces of victims, the Metrpolitan Police said.

    The suspects then got into three cars and drove from the scene, shouting homophobic insults at members of the group, and that they ‘run Hackney’.

    The man who filmed the assault was left with a fractured eye socket and corrosive burns to his eye, the force said, adding that he had made a ‘miraculous’ recovery.

    Seven men were yesterday jailed for a total of nearly 60 years, with Onel sentenced for 17 years for applying a noxious substance causing grievous bodily harm, and three years on extended licence.

    He was given nine years each for six counts of casting a noxious substance and three years for violent disorder to run concurrently.

    Other members of the group – Mehmet Tekagac and Onur Ardic – were also involved in the corrosive substance attack.

    Tekagac, 30, of Homerton, in east London was sentenced to 14-and-a-half years in prison for applying a noxious substance causing GBH, and an additional three years on extended licence.

    He was sentenced to eight years for robbery and three years for violent disorder, to run concurrently.

    Ardic, 27, of Hackney was jailed for 14 years for applying a noxious substance causing GBH, plus three years on extended licence. He was also sentenced to three years for violent disorder, to run concurrently.

    Guven Ulas, 20, of Barnsbury, North London, was sentenced to 30 months for violent disorder.

    Mustafa Kiziltan, 30, of no fixed abode, but from the Hackney area, was jailed for three years for violent disorder and nine months for dangerous driving. He was also sentenced to three months, to run concurrently, for failing to stop.

    Serkan Kiziltan, 22, of Hackney, was sentenced to 18 months for violent disorder.

    Umit Kaygisiz, 21, of Hackney was sentenced to a total of 28 months in prison for violent disorder and attempting to convey a prohibited item into prison, namely a mobile phone.

    Yasam Erdogan, 24 of Edmonton and Turgut Adakan, 23, of Hackney were handed 18-month sentences, suspended for two years, for violent disorder.

    The men were sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court yesterday.

    Det Con David Leitner led the investigation. He said: ‘Nine violent and dangerous men have been removed from London’s streets today and will now spend a lengthy time locked up in prison…”

  6. How U.S. surveillance technology is propping up authoritarian regimes

    NSO Group, an Israeli cyberintelligence firm, makes spyware that it sells to a variety of government clients around the world. It has denied that those surveillance products were involved in the torture and murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, although it has neither confirmed nor denied selling its products to the Saudi government — elements of which, the CIA has concluded, ordered the killing.

    That may raise eyebrows, but this intermingling of privately sold technology and authoritarian regimes is hardly an outlier. Throughout the world, despots are also probably monitoring Internet traffic, communications and behavior — in many cases using surveillance technology supplied by U.S. and other Western companies.

    • The Brave New World of Surveillance Capitalism

      Certain radical critiques of capitalism posit that it must necessarily monetize everything in time. The basic argument is that capitalism inherently requires infinite economic growth to function properly, but we are in a world of finite resources. As traditional resources used to feed the furnace are exhausted, more aspects of life that were previously outside of the money economy must be drawn into it – including abstract things like behavior, relationships and even thoughts.

      The merits of such theories are debatable. What is beyond debate is that human thoughts and relationships are already in the advanced stages of monetization. Prof. Shoshana Zuboff, a leading expert in the field of business administration in information technology settings since the 1980s, coined the idea of “surveillance capitalism” (in the April 2015 edition of the Journal of Information Technology) to describe this phenomenon – the observation and recording of as much personal data as possible to create highly effective targeted advertisements.

  7. Sweden: Illegal Migrants Given Jobs with Access to Airport Secure Areas (breitbart, Jan 18, 2019)

    “Swedish police have expressed outrage after details emerged that three illegal migrants from Uzbekistan were given cleaning jobs within the secure areas of Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.
    The three illegal migrants were employed as cleaners for the police at the airport and were able to move freely back and forth from the secured areas of the airport. This week, after preliminary investigations, the police found that none of the three migrants had valid work or residency papers, Expressen reports.

    The investigation came after several officers at the airport claimed they could not speak with the cleaners and that the three individuals were not doing the proper work. It was later discovered that only one of the migrants had a work permit that had expired in 2017, while the other two had no papers at all.
    “The fact that three people who are in the country illegally were able to move around here freely is completely mad,” one police officer told the paper, adding: “I’m getting scared. Imagine if they left something inside the premises or photographed things.”

    The case is similar to the background of Stockholm radical Islamic terrorist Rakhmat Akilov, also a failed asylum seeker from Uzbekistan, who also worked at a cleaning company, which was suspected of financing terrorism.

    The case comes after the European Union reported that Sweden had the worst border control among any member-state of the political bloc, arguing that border officers had poor training and rarely checked for returning jihadists.

    According to the Swedish border police, more and more companies are now employing illegal migrant labour after officers in Jämtland County found at least 40 cases of companies hiring illegal migrants within the last two years alone.

    “Today we have many people who are expelled from Sweden who do not leave but go underground. And in order to survive, they work virtually for free in exchange for food,” said Kristina Molin, an investigator at the border police in Östersund.”

  8. Migrants Kidnap Belgian Woman, Hold Her as Sex Slave for Months (breitbart, Jan 18, 2019)

    “Italian authorities are investigating claims of a 32-year-old Belgian woman who says she was kidnapped by six migrants and forced into sexual slavery for two months.

    The 32-year-old claimed to have been kidnapped by the six Tunisian migrants and held from January to February 2017 in the city of Sanremo which lies in the north-west along the Italian Riviera, 7sur7 reports.

    Investigators say that the woman, who lives on the Côte d’Azur, approached one of the men involved who offered to sell her drugs on the night of January the 10th. The man took the opportunity to then force the woman to one of the homes of the migrants where she said she was repeatedly raped while being tied to a bed.

    According to the victim, the six men were all from Tunisia and were aged between 23 and 50 years old.

    She also described that one of the men would stand guard in the house to make sure she had no opportunity to escape and then the men began not only taking turns raping her would take money from other men who raped her, as well.

    The woman was eventually released, and the six men have all been arrested. The victim is expected to testify in the case at a hearing set for the 25th of January.

    Migrant sex attacks have become common following the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, with some women having been murdered, such as German student Maria Ladenburger.

    A similar case occurred in Austria over New Year’s with a group of nine Iraqi asylum seekers being charged with raping a German woman in Vienna after one of the rapists lured her to an apartment. After being raped by the nine men, the woman was able to escape the apartment the following day and inform the police.”

  9. Rape Reports in Sweden up 33 Percent in Last Decade (breitbart, Jan 18, 2019)

    “The number of reported rape cases has increased by 33 percent over the last ten years, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), with cases up eight percent on the last year alone.

    Brå released preliminary statistics for 2018 this week that showed not only that the number of rape reports increased by eight percent on the last year, but that reports of rape against children had increased even more, by 13 percent, Expressen reports.

    Stina Söderman, a researcher and report author at Brå, commented on the preliminary findings, saying: “We have seen a clear increase in reported rape in recent years.”

    According to the agency, 7,840 rapes were reported last year in Sweden, an increase of 614 compared to 2017, and rape reports against children aged 0-17 totalled 3,420. Only in cases of rapes against adult men did the statistics see a decrease compared to the previous year.

    Over the last decade, the total increase in rape reports has been 33 percent, or 44 percent in the cases of rape against adult women, although some of the increases have been attributed to changes in Swedish law.

    Overall, crime increased by two percent in 2018, with rising crime in most areas, and declines in thefts such as pickpocketing and burglary.

    Violence, particularly deadly violence, has been a major issue in Sweden in recent years, with last year seeing a record number of fatal shootings and leading Stockholm police expert Gunnar Appelgren to describe some areas of the country as looking something like a “state at war”.

    In the Swedish capital of Stockholm, there have been around 30 fatal shootings over the last two years but very few prosecutions due to the nature of the crimes often being related to gang violence.

    Authorities saw only eight convictions during the two-year period.”

  10. The Latest: Spain to improve conditions at migrant centers (abcnews, Jan 18, 2019)

    “Spain’s government says it will improve conditions at its eight migrant detention centers and build another center as authorities struggle to cope with a surge in arrivals from North Africa by sea.

    Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska announced Friday the government intends to “ensure greater respect for people’s dignity and their rights.”…”

  11. Eastern Libyan force says it killed senior Al Qaeda operative (reuters, Jan 18, 2019)

    “Eastern Libyan forces have killed a senior Al Qaeda commander in southern Libya, a military spokesman said on Friday, days after launching an operation in the south to secure oil and gas assets and fight militants.

    The Libyan National Army (LNA) faction killed Abu Talha al-Libi, a commander in Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), together with two other militants, among them one Egyptian, in southwestern Libya, LNA spokesman Ahmed Mismari said.

    Al Qaeda and other militant groups have been using southern Libya as their base for attacks inside Libya and neighboring countries, exploiting a security vacuum which emerged after the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in a 2011 rebellion backed by NATO air strikes.

    The country now has competing governments operating in the east and west.

    Reuters could not independently verify that Libi had been killed.”

  12. Turkey sentences detained judge who won human rights award to 10 years, Anadolu says (reuters, jan 18, 2019)

    “A Turkish court sentenced a judge who previously won an award for human rights to 10 years in prison over links to the network Ankara says orchestrated an attempted coup in 2016, the state-owned Anadolu news agency said on Friday.

    Murat Arslan, who has been detained for 22 months, was convicted of membership in an armed terrorist organisation, after prosecutors charged him with use of the encrypted messaging app ByLock, Anadolu said.

    Arslan has denied the charges and said any evidence that he had used the app was “fabricated”, Anadolu said.

    The government says the outlawed app was widely used by followers of the U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom it blames for the attempted coup that saw rogue soldiers commandeer tanks and aircraft, attacking parliament and killing some 250 unarmed civilians.

    Gulen, a former ally of President Tayyip Erdogan who has lived in self-imposed exile in the United States since 1999, has condemned the coup and denied any involvement with it.

    The Council of Europe human rights body in 2017 gave Arslan, who was detained at the time, the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize, a decision that prompted Turkey to say it would cut back its funding to the body.

    Arslan was the former head of Turkey’s Judges and Prosecutors Union, a civil legal association that was shut down by government decree in the wide crackdown that followed the coup attempt.

    Since the failed coup, authorities have formally arrested some 77,000 people and sacked or suspended more than 150,000 soldiers, civil servants and more over alleged links to the coup attempt, including alleged users of ByLock.

    Rights groups and Turkey’s Western allies have voiced concern over the scale of the crackdown, saying President Tayyip Erdogan was using the putsch as a pretext to quash dissent.

    The government, however, says the security measures are necessary due to the gravity of the threat it faces from Gulen’s network.”

  13. ‘I select on penis length,’ says female coach of German men’s team

    Berlin (AFP) – The first woman to coach a men’s team in one of Germany’s top five leagues is tackling sexism by sarcastically suggesting her selections are based on penis lengths.

    Former Germany women’s Under-20 midfielder Imke Wuebbenhorst was last month appointed head coach of the men’s team at BV Cloppenburg, who currently sit bottom of the Lower Saxony Oberliga in the fifth tier of German football.

    When German newspaper Welt jokingly asked whether she sounds an alarm on entering the dressing room, to ensure her players cover themselves up, the tough-talking blonde gave a cutting answer.

    “Of course not, I am a professional — I base my selections on penis lengths,” the 30-year-old replied sarcastically.

    Having hung up her boots in 2016 after a career which saw Wuebbenhorst twice win the European title with Germany’s Under-19 team and played in the women’s Bundesliga for Hamburg, she ended up coaching the women’s side in Cloppenburg after playing for the team.

    She refuses to see herself as a pioneer for other women.–sow.html

  14. Norway Readies ‘Big Brother’ GPS-Based Taxation Per Mile-Driven


    The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is now arguing that GPS based taxation, for the amount of kilometers driven by car, can be done within 5-6 years!

    Norwegians trust the government way too much, because they believe that this system will eliminate the need for road tax, fuel tax, toll roads and reduce the cost of car insurance.

    No way will the tax be reduced! GPS based taxation is a governments dream! Who is to stop them from issuing parking fees or speeding tickets?

    Norway also has a high number of electric cars, and an electric car is sold without any tax or VAT, has reduced road tax, free of reduced toll road passage and does not contribute to fuel taxation. With GPS active, the government can finally collect taxes from electric cars without the messy environmentalists meddling.

  15. It describes cultural appropriation as a form of violence.

    There it is! Did you spot it? Why … who’da thunk? A Big Lie™!!! [slaps forehead]

    Discrimination against a properly attired person solely because of perceived slight or offense is an attempt to enforce some bizarre (and nonexistent) sort of “constitutional right” not to be offended.

    In this the PoMos are should-to-shoulder with Muslims as they read from Islam’s playbook (updated and revised Communist Centennial Edition with special introduction endorsed by the estate of Saul Alinsky).

    This race to the philosophical bottom finds it’s starter’s pistol cracking in the Moscow Trials of ideological nonconformists (e.g., Trotskyists). Not even the typically unlooked-for Spanish Inquisition sought such a degree of rigid doctrinal compliance

    These Politically Correct Soviet purges signified the ascendance of Communist Thoughtcrime (in the very finest Orwellian sense). They embodied the unconstrained, frequently violent will of an insecure and jittery elite nouveau. One that, regardless of their putative Equalitarianism, sought to and did supplant the Imperial Tsars.

    In search of ways to augment its nascent lawfare wing, draconian Islam welcomed with open arms a Communist appendix to their eminently hostile screed. Similar to but different from how 20th century Leftists ran (and still run) legal interference at every opportunity; Muslims have learned to manipulate Western judicial systems with Stradivarian dexterity.

    Nothing more clearly epitomizes this than contemporary efforts to outlaw giving even minor offense—real or perceived—to any brittle Muslim of sufficient wits to immediately dial 999 on his ever-present mobile. With chronometer predictability, the legally hyperactive EU has doubled down on this preposterous Right to be Forgotten Unoffended by making all criticism of its own Euro-Genocide based immigration policies actionable as well.

    Politicizing and then stripping legal protection from potentially unpleasant everyday encounters is a form of extreme violence against human liberty at the most fundamental level.

    Expecting to live out one’s years with an unoffended heart or mind is to lead the unexamined life so famously not worth living. The American Indians alluded to this eggshell mentality with an old saying:

    There are those who would have the world wrapped in soft leather so that they can go barefoot.

    With his usual uncommon prescience, America’s Bard, Mark Twain, summarized this ascendancy of feelings over reason in his indictment of censorship:

    Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.

    These two quotes more-than-adequately encapsulate the much deeper (and salient) roots of personal inadequacy. It is the basal pathology of intellectual and emotional shallowness that violently lashes out in mock outrage over the slightest challenge to flimsily braced reasoning (to use that last word in its loosest sense).

    In closing, it is indicative of Western political naïveté that these laughable accusations of Cultural Appropriation* are not regarded as anything but another full frontal attack on Free Speech and the right to peaceable self-expression.

    * Denying that the entirety of human evolution hasn’t been a near-continuous process of plagiarism Cultural Appropriation (e.g., food, tools, fire, slaves, livestock, territory, culinary practices, language, art, music, architecture, pantheons, and hot picks for the Pimlico trifecta) is to reject the essence of human progress.

    That Leftists and Muslims are hell-bent on stalling all human advancement (except for people-of-color, that is) should come as no surprise to those who understand how innovation and derivation are inseparable bedfellows.

  16. U.S. Navy considers sending aircraft carrier to Taiwan Strait

    OAN Newsroom
    UPDATED 7:12 AM PT — Friday, January 17, 2019

    The U.S. Navy is considering sending an aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait despite growing Chinese military aggression in the region.

    While speaking Thursday, Admiral John Richardson dismissed threats from Beijing by explaining that the U.S. has a right to access international waterways.

    This could be the first time in over a decade that an aircraft carrier is dispatched to the Taiwan Strait, where China has built up a defense system to strike enemy ships.

    The U.S. faced backlash from Beijing last year, when it allowed several warships to pass through the strait.

    Richard: The first sentence is wrong, the carrier group isn’t being sent despite the Chinese Aggression, it is because of the Chinese Aggression. Trump is showing Xi what he will have to pay if he starts tries invading Taiwan. That Carrier group alone can sink the invasion force, and it won’t be alone when the shooting starts. Our stealth bombers will be going in and after they have degraded the Chinese anti-air capabilities the BUFFs will go in to lay their massive loads of explosive eggs.

  17. Canadian national among 5 ordered held as suspects in Nairobi hotel attack

    Guleid Abdihakim among suspects in deadly shooting in Kenyan capital earlier this week

    Canadian national Guleid Abdihakim and four other people suspected of helping extremist gunmen stage a deadly attack in the Kenyan capital this week appeared in court on Friday as prosecutors investigated them for suspected terror offences.

    A judge ordered that the five be held for 30 days while authorities look into the assault earlier this week on the dusitD2 hotel complex in Nairobi. Al-Shabab, which is linked to al-Qaeda and based in neighbouring Somalia, claimed responsibility.

    Kenyan authorities say 21 people, including one police officer, were killed by the attackers, one of whom blew himself up beside a restaurant. Another four gunmen died.

    Prosecutors suspect the alleged accomplices, including two taxi drivers and an agent for a mobile phone-based money service, of “aiding and abetting” the attackers, who stormed the Nairobi complex on Tuesday afternoon and were killed by Wednesday morning, according to a court document.

    Prosecutors said they were pursuing more suspects in and outside Kenya.

    Canadian national among accused in terror attack that killed 21 at Nairobi hotel

    A Canadian national and four other people suspected of helping extremist gunmen stage a deadly attack in the Kenyan capital this week appeared in court on Friday as prosecutors investigated them for suspected terror offences.

    A judge ordered the five suspects held for 30 days while authorities look into the assault on the dusitD2 hotel complex. The al-Shabab group, which is linked to al-Qaida and based in neighbouring Somalia, claimed responsibility. Kenyan authorities say 21 people, including one police officer, were killed by the attackers, one of whom blew himself up beside a restaurant. Another four gunmen died.

    Prosecutors suspect the alleged accomplices, including two taxi drivers and an agent for a mobile phone-based money service, of “aiding and betting” the attackers who stormed the Nairobi complex on Tuesday afternoon and were killed by Wednesday morning, according to a court document. Prosecutors said they were pursuing more suspects in and outside Kenya.

    The suspects who appeared in court were identified as Joel Nganga Wainaina, Oliver Kanyango Muthee, Gladys Kaari Justus, Guleid Abdihakim and Osman Ibrahim. Abdihakim is a Canadian national, according to prosecutors.

    “The investigations into this matter are complex and transnational and would therefore require sufficient time and resources to uncover the entire criminal syndicate,” said Noordin Haji, director of public prosecutions. He said he has appointed a team of prosecutors to help ensure that the investigations are “meticulous and fast-tracked.”

    Police earlier identified a Kenyan military officer as the father of a suspect in the assault. The son, Ali Salim Gichunge, as well as Violet Kemunto Omwoyo, were named as attackers in court documents.

    “The attackers were in constant communications with several phone numbers which are located in Somalia,” prosecutors said.

    Gichunge’s father, who is not believed to have been involved in the attack, was summoned for questioning about when he last saw his son and other details, a senior police official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

    The official said a total of 11 people were detained as part of the investigation.

    The attack was denounced on Friday in Eastleigh, a Nairobi neighbourhood that is home to many ethnic Somalis and has been targeted in massive police operations against suspected extremist cells. Shop owners temporarily closed businesses to protest against extremism, and crowds gathered.

    Al-Shabab also carried out the 2013 attack at Nairobi’s nearby Westgate Mall that killed 67 people, and an assault on Kenya’s Garissa University in 2015 that claimed 147 lives, mostly students. While U.S. airstrikes and a multinational African Union force in Somalia have reduced the Islamic extremists’ ability to operate, al-Shabab is still capable of carrying out spectacular acts of violence in retaliation for the Kenyan military’s presence in Somalia.

    The attackers who stormed the hotel complex opened fire and set off grenades, sending panicked people running for cover as security forces converged. Security camera footage released later showed a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a grassy area.

    A hotel employee, seen in the footage walking past the bomber just before the explosion, described in an interview with Kenya’s K24 television how he heard the man talking on a mobile phone.

    “Where are you guys?” the agitated bomber said at least a couple of times, according to Abdullahi Ogelo, the employee. Ogelo, who later concluded the bomber had been talking to his accomplices, said the man was also moving his hand over his chest.

    Seconds later, the bomber detonated in a flash and billowing smoke.

    In the television interview, Ogelo said God saved him and gave him a “second chance.”

  18. New York’s $15 minimum wage is now in effect. How’s it working out for city restaurants workers?
    By LU Staff January 18, 2019

    New York restaurants are serving their employees a reality sandwich: Forced hike in minimum wage is a lose-lose for everyone. On Dec. 31, 2018, the minimum wage for New York City employers with eleven or more workers was increased from $13 and hour to $15. A little more than two weeks later, New York restaurant owners are cutting workers’ hours.

    CBS News reports:

    • ————— Exceptions to the rule
      [Bakery CEO] said they simply pay more to their minimum wage workers. [The] Bakery may be a special case, however, because they are a nonprofit with a focus on offering job training to adults with learning differences. Many of their job trainees are interns who receive a stipend but are exempt from minimum wage. Additionally, according to their website, only 51 percent of their budget comes from sales; the rest comes from private donations and public grants. [More comes from tuition fees that the Bakery charges the families of trainees.]

      Other businesses have made more fundamental changes to their business operations. [] said he has cut items from the menu, automated some kitchen work [buying “a dishwashing machine and a dough machine (which cuts and rounds the pizzas)”] , reduced operating hours, and raised prices slightly.

  19. Richard: Before you read this article be sure and read the article above about the $15.00 minimum wage and the effect it is having on the New York City restaurant waiters. Mad Maxine is going to try and damage the banking industry the same way the $15.00 minimum wage has hurt the restaurant waiter. This despite the fact that for all practical purposes the Obama administration nationalized the banking sector while he was President. I know Trrump has been working to get control of the banks back in the hands of the stockholders in the banks but don’t know how much he has managed to do.

    Guess who? Maxine Waters finds her first target as House Financial Services Committee chair
    By Daily Caller News Foundation January 18, 2019

    California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters announced in her first major policy speech since taking the reins of a powerful House committee that she will target acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

    “The time for accountability for his actions is about to begin,” Waters said Wednesday at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank. Waters took the gavel of the House Financial Services Committee after Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives. A longtime critic of the Trump administration, Waters vowed to hold hearings involving other White House officials, and also plans to target the banking industry.

    The California Democrat has taken issue with Mulvaney’s tenure as the interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an agency he lead from November 2017 to December 2018. Waters suggested he tried to dismantle the CFPB by rolling back fair housing safeguards and protections for consumers.

  20. Was Trump’s cancellation of Pelosi’s trip abroad dirty pool?
    By Ben Bowles January 18, 2019

    House Democrats and the media are in a snit this morning over Donald Trump’s postponement of a trip to Belgium, Afghanistan, and Egypt by a Democratic congressional delegation. Many are claiming the move on the president’s part was a low blow, especially his timing: He alerted Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he was denying her and her colleagues the use of an Air Force plane half an hour before it was scheduled to take off.

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was one of the group who was already on the bus outside the Capitol when word arrived that the trip was off.

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