France to introduce new legislation punishing yellow vest protesters

From The Standard. UK:

France plans to introduce new legislation to punish protesters after seven weeks of violent “yellow vest” demonstrations.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe spoke after rioters torched motorbikes and set barricades on fire on Paris’s upmarket Boulevard Saint-Germain on Saturday.

He said on Monday that 80,000 members of the security forces would be deployed for the next wave of protests.

The Prime Minister told TF1 television: “We need to preserve the right to demonstrate in France and we must sanction those who break the law.

Some sites are reporting that France has banned the Yellow vest protest movement altogether but I cannot find that term outside of Zerohedge for the moment.

The Yellow Vests are calling for a “run on the banks” however. Hopefully people who understand this will comment under this post with explanations and details.

Black Pigeon Speaks has a video on it which has what could be a mildly antisemitic swipe in it, or in fact it could be a statement of truth about a (presumably) Rothschild bank which is the intended target of a YVP action.

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  1. Mairieanne in a brassiere ! Why so coy ? Normally Marieanne is bare breasted. See Liberty “Leading the People” by Eugène Delacroix (1830), which celebrates the July Revolution.

  2. This reminds me very little of a sign in some long-ago engineering department: BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORAL IMPROVES.

    Keep honking, Micron. Your citoyens are reloading.

      • The idea is to withdraw the maximum allowable on a daily basis through ATMs.

        Someone should warn them to remove their yellow vests prior to withdrawing any money so that they do not become readily identifiable targets.

        • Not to worry. Also, I doubt it will be successful.

          A recent BMF TV (aka CBC, BBC…) poll indicates 60% of the French still agree with and are sympathetic to the Gilets Jaunes movement. It represents a decrease of 10% over the last 3 weeks.

        • An anti-Macron protest by Yellow Vests and Union workers today as Macron was visiting the area. Notice very few are wearing their yellow vest.

    • The call for runs on banks is a smart move and shows that one or more of the Yellow Vest leaders has studied some economics, and probably Austrian Econ not Keynesian econ.

      No bank keep enough money on hand to pay off all of the depositors, a run on the bank occurs when every depositors (and a significant percentage of them) pulls all of their money out. This will cause the bank to run out of cash, not money because they still have liquid assets they can sell to get cash but they don’t have enough cash to payoff all depositors.

      Runs on several banks or even better many banks will cause the central banks and national Treasuries to go tp extreme lengths to move cash from one bank to another to prevent the banks running out of enough cash. When one bank runs out of cash the word spreads and there is a run on all banks. it enough banks are allowed to run out of cash it can cause a massive economic crisis in that nation. A crisis that would quickly spread from one Euro zone nation to the rest. If the bank runs start and the banks aren’t closed they could cause the EU to fall apart. The only two ways to stop bank runs are 1) provide enough cash to stop them and 2) close the banks for one to two weeks. The latter causes massive economy upset by itself.

      This call was a declaration of war against the French Government and the EU and the Euro.

  3. France warns Italy over supporting yellow vest movement

    Tensions increased between Paris and Rome this Tuesday as Italy showed support for the yellow vest movement.

    Luigi Di Maio, Deputy Premier and Labour and Industry Minister said “Macron compared our government to leprosy!” in response to being told to “butt out” by the Minister of French European Affairs, Nathalie Loiseau.

    Both Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, have given their backing to the yellow vest movement with Di Maio saying his 5-Star Movement (M5S) was ‘ready to provide support to the Yellow Vests’, and later responding to Loiseau “Maybe she is forgetting that her president, (Emmanuel) Macron), compared us to leprosy when talking about our government.”

    Loiseau responded by saying the French government would raise the issue with Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi.

    “We speak often, about many things, we’ll talk about this too. The priority of every government is to take care of the well-being of its citizens, so I think that the well-being of the Italian people is the priority of the Italian government. I don’t think dealing with the yellow vests has anything to do with the well-being of the Italian people”.

    A spokesperson for Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker gave support to the French Government saying, “The European Commission supports President Macron and the French authorities, who have our confidence to put into practice the programme the president was elected on”.

  4. The fundamental,truth is that the government of France is oppressing French citizens to pay for the Muslim invaders. The yellow vest movement, at its core, is opposed to the muslim invasion.

  5. Based on previous videos, Black Pigeon is an actual anti-Semite. This is hopefully not the direction this site wants to take.

    • My hope was that BPS was making a point about political correctness and not being antisemitic. I do wonder though about him, and have posted less and less of his material.

      The YVP run on the banks is an important story. Is their choice of the Rothschild bank antisemitic? Or does that bank disproportionately control public policy. This is not a rhetorical question but a genuine one.

      I have written enough essays and articles on antisemitism that i feel my views should be clear.

  6. Part 3

    Blaming the Rothschilds, only, is disingenuous, or ignorant, because there were, and are, other powerful bankers with equal interests at play. J.P. Morgan, for instance, was salient in his role in the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve and in the steering of America to war. There is little utility in turning our backs on the facts, if in fact these are the facts.Bankers will be bankers, with an allegiance first and foremost to money making. To think that the end of reserve money regimes and geopolitical tensions don’t go hand in hand is terribly naive. Internationalists, including bankers, abound in our current climate. To think that millions won’t be sacrificed again for the restructuring of the Next World Order, and world reserve currency, is perhaps naive, as well.

    I have only watched part 3 in its entirety.

  7. If PT is removed from office, or worse, it would not be at all surprising given the globalist forces arrayed against him. His like is hardly part of their plans. It would be to his advantage, as well as the common man he represents, to move first against the corrupt deep state in dramatic fashion lest they beat him to the fatal punch. Indeed, if there are dark forces willing to sacrifice millions, one president hardly matters. The trick is to prevent his martyrdom and avoid mobilizing half the country in chaotic retribution.

    • The trick is to prevent his martyrdom and avoid mobilizing half the country in chaotic retribution.

      If he is removed from office through impeachment, 25th amendment or assassination the left will learn not to piss off the ordinary people. The retribution would indeed be chaotic but it would be thorough and very nasty. Probably it would be very quick and while the chaos would continue for a while the main portion would be of short duration.

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