This is why Proportional Representation can never be trusted to be democratic

In Belgium, just has been done in Sweden and The Netherlands, and I think other places as well, (More on that later from GoV) a new tactic has been created to make sure that democracy and the people’s one cannot interfere with the Islamic-Marxist plans for civilizational transformation. Its called, translated from French, the “Sanitary Cordon” or “Cordon sanitaire”.

A nice euphemism to try and trick people into thinking that perverting election results to make sure that no one but the far left can be represented in government, is equal to a method of preventing the spread of infectious disease, which they equate with resistance to communism and islam.

To put more bluntly:

The term, “Sanitary Cordon”, is meant to justify the destruction of democracy by preventing actual democracy within a formerly democratic system, without the public really noticing.

It happened again recently in one Belgian municipality:

Vlaams Belang is not a “far right” party except where the left have defined anything not in lockstep with the revolutionary left, is far right. But the term is firmly established with the government-media complex pretty much all across the board.

VB is much like Geert Wilders, Bolsonaro, Orban, Donald Trump etc. Jeffersonian and individualist. In other words, liberal. And they have been doing this a very long time. If there was anything to be frightened of in that party we would all be well aware of it by now.

Meanwhile, the party and its supporters are marching in protest of a party in a Prop-Rep system that got a stunning FORTY PERCENT of the vote, and was frozen out of government with a coalition of leftists.

Remember, Vlaams Belang got 40% of the vote DESPITE the government-media complex persistent lies and misrepresentations of that party for as long as its existed. Imagine what the vote would be had they been properly informed.

Democracy has indeed been subverted. I wonder what would be morally justifiable at this point for the public to do when all its life support has been kicked out from under it. Voting clearly does not work, and neither do protests or any of the mechanisms created to help the people preserve themselves, their institutions, cultures and histories.

I wonder what is next.

Eeyore for Vlad with special thanks to Ava Lon for the translation.

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7 Replies to “This is why Proportional Representation can never be trusted to be democratic”

  1. I can’t say what I want to say, it would get Vlad and I into a lot of trouble, there is a quote from a Louis Lamour book that would be perfect but I don’t dare use it.

    We have the left using proportional voting in one state starting with the last election, when the Governor certified the results of the election he wrote stolen election on the certification document. The politicians in Belgium who are so happy about stealing the election from the voters should look at what is happening in France. You can suppress the people for a while but eventually you get and explosion, the greater the suppression the larger the explosion and the bloodier the reprisal from the revolutionary courts. The way things are going in Europe we are going to see either Madame la Guillotine and or hemp necktie parties becoming very popular in all European nations.

    Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your back.

    • Richard: Very much appreciate your restraint. Please put name of book page number and paragraph for quote so we might look it up as a purely academic exercise.

      • I can’t remember the book and looking through them I can’t find the name. I will do my best but to find it, and will send you an email with the quote.

      • The book is the empty land, my copy got lost in one of my moves and I haven’t found another copy yet. I sent the email with the quote so you can tell me if it is ok to post it. As I said in the email I think it fits but is pushing the opver the edge of staying out of trouble.

  2. Didn’t a Dutch socialist politician say that when muslims outbreed the Dutch and Holland (yes, I know that the above is WRT Belgium) becomes a Sharia state then it will be nothing but “true democracy in action”. THAT told me all that I wanted to know about socialists. Es kommt der Tag! (seconding Richard)

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