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13 Replies to “Police in France appear to be using heavier ordnance”

  1. Flash Bangs aka concussion grenades, If you are inside when the bigger version is used you will be incapacitated for a while and will probably have significant hearing loss later in life.

    Yes they are increasing the level of force used, it will be a while before they start using fragmentation grenades but that is probably on the books.

  2. From what I’m reading, the injured guy on the ground is in serious condition in the hospital. Police hit him in mid-forehead with a paintball.

  3. As of 6h pm today, the Department of the Interieur states there were 38,600 GJ protestors throughout France, including 2,000 protestors in Paris.

    The movement isn’t dissipating. Welcome to the New Year 2019.

    The best twitter feed for full coverage throughout France: https://twitter.com/LPLdirect

    • With that many protesters it isn’t slowing down, some people probably stayed home for the Holidays but will return for Act 8. Next weekend will tell us if the protest is gong to continue to grow. All indications are that it will grow and stands a good chance of driving the current government out of power. If they do this the next government had better listen to them or they will start executing politicians and their supporters.

          • The good cops will cross over and then the double agents who are trying to sabotage the revolt will say they have crossed over.

            Old Proverb from Russia (I think) “When three people set down to plot revolution one is a fool and two are police spies.”

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