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4 Replies to “Update on the Canadian arrest of Huawei chair and communist party principle with Brad Johnson”

  1. Maybe Dystopia is trying to out-commie the commies.

    Haven’t seen anything here on the subject but maybe I just missed it: Dystopia placed in effect a new law this week that allows police to pull over drivers without Just Cause. Combating drunk driving is the reason, they say. Oh, what a winter of our discontent it will be.

    This draconian law may be excused if taken out of all context of all counter-democratic Dystopian developments since Dear Leader quit sucking his lollipop and decided to yank on his big boy pants. It then becomes one of these ant-hill moral high grounds that you just can’t say no to. You know, the ones the Left likes to parrot like Inclusion and Diversity and Saving the Planet and, and and… The whole thing is rather curious when a police-state blanket is thrown over 35 million dupes with nary a discouraging word heard. I did a cursory search on the subject and didn’t find much. I guess I didn’t look hard enough.

    Legalizing pot without having a working THC blood content roadside measuring device is an interesting data point in context. We are told police have taken crash courses in recognizing who is stoned. Police assure us they are on top of it. I suppose if the driver says “Wow, man, you’re freakin’ me out,” as the officer waves his hands in front of his face it’s a sure sign. Maybe the cops have learned how to do the Vulcan mind meld. Somehow I doubt it. This essentially gives a demographic majority a free pass. Pot smokers tend to be younger and more liberal. Demography is destiny, as they say.

    So what if you’re not stoned, don’t get stoned, and you’re not drunk and you still get pulled over?:

    “Can I see you driver’s licence and insurance please,” asks the officer.
    “Of course, what did I do?”
    “Documents, please.”
    “I understand you don’t really need a reason,” you say as you fumble for those papers you know are here somewhere, “but I’m allowed to ask, am I not?”
    “Where are you coming from?”
    “I’m coming from a friend’s place.”
    “Uh-huh, right. Suppose you tell me the truth, now. You’re wearing a yellow vest.”

    And he’s got you. Guilty of going against the state-sponsored narrative. He spotted you from a mile away. There was just a big protest on the Hill and you were there. Liar-liar pants on fire! Didn’t Dear Leader say he wanted to monitor you? Yes you, who dares to disagree.

    Then there is his avowed admiration for the Red Chinese, the oppressive carbon tax being rammed down citizens’ throats, the destruction of Holding Company advantages for the preservation of capital, the inevitable passing of Bill 103 to silence critics of Islam, the use of the Human Rights Tribunal to cow dissent, the design, signing of, and execution of the UN’s Migrant Compact, the forcing of Ontario lawyers by the Law society of Upper Canada to target “systemic racism” in its ranks (surely to go national), the courting of Sharia advocates, the bribing of legacy media with $600 million before an election, the strict adherence to the green religion by closing the science on climate change and voila, as they say in the province that uses RCMP officers as bellhops to bring in illegals, you’ve got context to wonder if new policing powers in Dystopia are more than paranoia.

    Oh, and breaking news, the CBC just announced that Santa has just agreed to a voluntary roadside breathalyzer and pot test when he flies down from the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Santa says this year may be his last, however, citing accusations of racism and the likelihood that, as an old white guy, he will be profiled and harassed by cops in future years because he is a privileged Christian caucasian.

    So it goes.


    • Driving-while-stoned.
      Going on for a long time, but with dope retail, usage will soar. So will accident rates.
      Roadside pot test – STAT !! Somewhat useful after the fact. Enhanced penalties for vehicular homicide, perhaps.
      (Except for tards, of course. “Cultural” dispensation, like gang rape and child molestation.)

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