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7 Replies to “Former anarchist explains the ‘rise of violence on left’”

  1. He sounds like a normal human, but the article is still wrapped in gibberish and academic abstraction bs.

    It’s impersonal, devoid of anecdotes of life in the cult that would give his experience flesh. Instead, he cites sources like he’s writing a term-paper with hyperlinks instead of footnotes. Jejune.

    I clicked some of his links. Example:

    Callout culture. The quest for purity. Privilege theory taken to extremes.…
    As an activist, I stand with others against white supremacy, anti-blackness, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, and imperialism. I am queer, trans, Chinese American, middle class, and able-bodied.
    …[A]fter witnessing countless people be ruthlessly torn apart in community for their mistakes and missteps, I started to fear my own comrades.


    Political correctness has them by the throat. They’re terrified of the crazy responses they might get if they reveal themselves as individual humans. No doubt they’ve dished out – or tacitly condoned – the kind of abuse they so fear.

    Bully for the brave young ones who are healing. But they’ve got a ways to go before they’re whole people.

    • The only thing missing from you explanation is that they have to be damaged to want to join what is essentially a cult, they have to have a very small sense of self and think that they aren’t worthy of anything if they aren’t a member of a group.

    • No doubt they’ve dished out – or tacitly condoned – the kind of abuse they so fear.

      Isn’t this just another form of that favorite Liberal, Muslim and Antifa pasttime of PROJECTION? At the very least, it’s a tacit admission that they know damn well what they were doing was WRONG.

      Really good analysis, yucki (remember, you can’t spell “analysis” without A.N.A.L.). The same callow youth that joined the Anarchists is now the same callow youth being interviewed by Carlson.

      Sadly, any “healing” essentially involves cauterizing the stump of where their irrational thinking was amputated, and far too many of them are skittish about experiencing the same sort of pain that they’ve so gleefully inflicted on others.

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    • Something tells me you’re not quite whole until you can step outside the jargon and start speaking english again.

      Touché, Johnnyu! As that venerable Chinese philosopher was known to say:

      The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.
      — Kung fu tze

      The Politically Correct psychobabble and bafflegab that’s currently en vogue amongst Liberal factions intentionally avoids exactitude (in the grand PoMo tradition). Vague and nebulous terms like “hate speech”, and “blasphemy” have gained popularity specifically because of their imprecise meaning.

      Small wonder that so many who ignore the value of eloquent articulation experience clouded judgement, mixed emotions, and near-terminal bouts of cognitive dissonance (if only in their sleep).

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