This discussion about non-communists and non-muslims being income blocked is important

This is a serious and frightening look at how leftists are controlling the means for people of generating an income who are exposing communism (and Islam) to the light of day.

This could be because the operators of these sites are leftists, but just as likely, crony-capitalists who receive income or certain guarantees, or even are under threat by large money globalists who give them market dominance but make it clear certain people cannot be allowed to use the system.

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4 Replies to “This discussion about non-communists and non-muslims being income blocked is important”

  1. A platform for truth is long overdue. Wouldn’t it be something if they “banned” and “found mysterious fault” with anyone who signs up with pro-Mohammedan/Progressive voices? We ALL know that whatever platform that gets launched for truth/honesty will be attacked for not allowing the voices of those who sign up to destroy it … for that wouldn’t be “inclusive”.

  2. Finally, it’s great.
    It’s the worst of feelings knowing one is held hostage and can be killed by an invisible enemy. These funding platforms have become much too powerful and they need to learn there is such a thing as the Law of the Boomerang.

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