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15 Replies to “Plumbing the depths of Merkel’s deceptiveness on the “non-binding” migration pact”

  1. I fear the future that I clearly see coming, chaos and fighting for many decades. The period of semi peace brought about by the development of nuclear weapons is coming to an end and the historical norm of war and more war is returning.

  2. I’ve been wanting to say it for a long time: that piece of music at the end of the videos is exquisite.

    That said, I wonder if a nation can get out of the Migration Compact should that nation produce new leadership as the result of an election. I think that might be the only way it’s non-binding.

    We’ll see in January with Brazil as Bolsonaro wants out.

    Me, I think a major penalty might be applied for an exit since it takes only one member of the group to propose an action (penalty) that must be approved by 2/3 of the signatories.

  3. … that piece of music at the end of the videos is exquisite.

    ‘Tis indeed. If you like that, then you might enjoy Strunz and Farah’s brand of jazz–blues, flamenco. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this duo open unaccompanied (in a very small venue) for a blistering solo set to follow by jazz great, Larry Coryell.

    • Here’s an opening track from one of Coryell’s better known jazz ensemble albums.

      At the concert mentioned above, after Strunz and Farah finished their well-deserved encores, Coryell took the stage, tuned up, and launched into some of his trademark, jaw-dropping acoustic guitar pyrotechnics.

      Halfway through his opening piece, my girlfriend turned to me and exclaimed, “He’s making more music than both of those other guys!”

        • None of that is Flamenco.

          This however, is flamenco. Not a matter of taste, I love Mediterranean Sundance, which is a piece derived from a Paco De Lucia piece called Rio Ancho.

          But it is not Flamenco so much as it is ‘spanishy sounding stuff’ albeit superb.

          Below is a brilliant example of a Bulerias, a flamenco form by Tomatito, the guy who played for Cameron after Paco De Lucia left Spain.


          Here is Tomatito with Cameron:


          This is also Flamenco, albeit a Tangos and not a Bulerias.

          Just FYI. I kinda like this stuff.

          • None of that is Flamenco.

            I only associated Mediterranean Sundance with the Flamenco genre. Nevertheless, I will say that it’s curious how Di Meola chose to have a Flamenco dancer on the album cover.

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