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6 Replies to “Eritreans attack first responders at fire at migrant centre Bamburg Germany”

  1. Cannot it be more clear that “refugees” and “migrants” have zero respect for the laws of the nations that have let them in? As this is the case, in a sane world, the entire neighbourhood would have been evacuated to the nearest deportation centre and thus, future problems of this sort would be avoided completely.

  2. Bamberg was the scene of the 1960s movie, Town Without Pity”. It is a very picturesque place near my own duty station of Erlangen, so I have been there a few times.

    Hopefully, they will treat this scum without pity.

  3. Why do we have to keep putting up with this crap? Silly question. We know the answer.

    These people will NOT be adequately punished and will NOT be deported.

    War is on the horizon, one we’re sailing to pretty fast.

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