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79 Replies to “Epoch Times: What is coming today in France”

    • … tabloids are providing better news coverage then the big papers.

      Richard, however unknowingly, you do The Epoch Times a great disservice by lumping it together with other genuine waste-of-ink “tabloids” like The National Enquirer, Star or The Globe.

      Speaking Writing as a past professional editor, I have yet to catch any glaring grammatical or syntactic errors in their (full-newspaper format) publications. For one of the very few widely distributed (free!) pro-Conservative broadsheets, they do a commendable job of screening their content for common writing mistakes. As in: Everyday blunders that frequently are seen at much larger corporate and network news websites (with their supposedly infinite resources [/squeaky PJW voice]).

      That said—in keeping with your “tabloid” remark—there is no little irony in how Alex Jones’ “Info Wars” (with the particular help of Paul Joseph Watson or PJW) finally became credible enough to where Jones was almost universally deplatformed by the Internet’s Lords of Tech™.

      In some ways, this politically biased, unabashed censorship of online Free Speech—along with their intentional manipulation of public perception—is even more offensive than all the “fake news” (in one of its earliest forms) churned out by the aforementioned “tabloids”. At least those rags are voluntarily purchased—typically from the supermarket’s impulse-buy rack, a curious phenomenon all by itself…


    • Let me know when you police bots finally possess enough huitres to outflank and arrest a large assemblage of “black bloc” (i.e., masked) activists. Maybe then I’ll believe that you’re actually attempting to enforce Rule of Law. Until that point, don’t expect much in the way of civilian help if one of you gets separated from the pack and ends up at the mercy of some people who really do not appreciate your treachery.

  1. The Epoch Times, a paper which I think is made by Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, is often some of the best reporting out there on what is actually going on.

    Thank you, Eeyore, for giving The Epoch Times some well-deserved credit.

    While The E.T. sometimes can wander off into eye-glazing paeans to traditional and herbal Chinese medicine they—as I repeatedly tell people to whom I give a free copy—provide some of the only widespread, accurate reporting about Red China from the anti-Communist point of view.

    There are few other trustworthy printed media sources that I would rate above The E.T..

    Please note how they are one of the few media outlets that dedicates air time to specifically delineating the infiltration of original Yellow Vest protestors by “far Right, Anarchist, and anti-Capitalist groups” (video time point – 00:00:36). While this is a peculiar lumping together of Right and Left, at least The E.T. has a set of cojones to make mention of it.

    Seemingly off topic (but not really), the entire issue of Diesel automobiles is something that has created friction on both sides of the pond. America’s Disgruntled Diesel Owners Association lambasted Detroit over their sloppy, ham-fisted 1970s approach to converting regular internal combustion engines over to this, then, less expensive fuel.

    Of course, as the popularity of American Diesel passenger cars increased, quite magically, so did Diesel fuel prices. Quelle chance! Meanwhile, across the Atlantic—with Europe’s typically better-constructed vehicles—engine life is not so much the issue as compared to health concerns.

    After decades of being touted as a “clean” fuel, it turns out that Diesel exhaust releases superfine soot particles that are very damaging to human health. However, at present, this problem must take a number and queue up.

    Due to dysfunctional Socialist policies, it appears as though France’s early “clean energy” initiatives involved using subsidized fuel prices as part of getting drivers to shift over to Diesel automobiles. Removal of those subsidies during this global recession (regardless of whatever pollyannaish numbers the economic pundits spew at us), or increasing fuel taxes for that matter, represent especial hardship for suburban White flight car commuters and those who reside or farm in extremely rural areas—for whom mass transit is neither a safe nor realistic option.

    To say the least, Micron has really stepped in it. Unfortunately, only now does it appear as though the original Yellow Vest protestors finally realize how badly these “far Right, Anarchist, and anti-Capitalist groups” have subverted their entirely merited, primary goals.

    The leading cell phone video clip in “Yellow vests Vs. something else” is deeply angering. Its capture of supposedly “internecine” fighting among the Yellow Vests is precisely what the legitimate protestors do not need.

    For most of us at Vlad Tepes Blog, it is abundantly clear that Antifa and other hyper-violent Anarchist elements have insinuated themselves amongst the ordinary rank and file—not only injure or simply antagonize police but also to cause extensive (read: “anti-Capitalist”) property damage—as part of harming both media and public perception of the entire Yellow Vest (i.e., Nationalist) agenda.

    As the old half-joking maxim goes:

    Before things get worse, they’re going to have to get a whole lot more worse.

    A classic “descent into madness” is what I foresee in France. “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad” works on far too many levels in this sad but precedent-setting case. The real Yellow Vests are mad, just as are Antifa, but in entirely different ways.

    Antifa reminds me more of Eric Idle in Monty Python’s episode twenty (“Attila the Bun Show”), all except for the “chemicals” part.

    You’ve got to know what you’re doing. I mean, some people think I’m mad. The villagers say I’m mad, the tourists say I’m mad, well I am mad, but I’m naturally mad. I don’t use any chemicals.

    I swear, for how they act, the Antifa types must be waking up to a round of cutting followed by some Tide pods with bleach and blue algae shooters. The impending self-destruction that they are adamantly ignoring—yet so vigorously begging for—will, to them, probably come as the biggest surprise of all but not for anybody else.

    PS: When I was in Taiwan, I had the pleasure to meet some Falun Gong adherents. They were some of the most gentle and decent people I have met in all of my global travels.

  2. Manifestation gilets jaunes à MARSEILLE : “On a des tas de raisons d’être là”

    Entre 1000 et 3000 gilets jaunes manifestent dans les rues de Marseille. Le cortège est parti du Vieux-Port et s’est rendu à la préfecture dans le calme.

      • Right now would be the time to buy into small arms manufacturing and ammo manufacturing. With the unrest in Europe and the Dems trying to disarm the US the stocks and the sales of weapons and ammo should skyrocket.

  3. Protesters set cars on fire in Paris

    A car is set on fire on Saturday on Hoche avenue, close to Champs-Elysées avenue, as Paris was hit by violence in the latest demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron

    • Starbucks coffee shop attacked in ‘yellow vests’ protests

      We all know that this particular little bit of vandalism couldn’t possibly have been committed by the Antifa types. After all, where in the hell else are they ever going to get their precious triple Venti Grande Americano, chai, vanilla, minty mochachino, caramel macchiato, half-caf, half-decaf, one Equal, one Sweet’N’Low, one raw sugar, skinny organic extra virgin olive oil soy breve with no foam, extra whip, extra hot, and without the top so that they can add their own sprinkles?

      The “Most Annoying Coffee Order Ever” Generator

      Example: Are you listening? I said I want the quad decaf frenchest roast Snickers moo-caccino with caramel drizzles on the bottom of the cup.

  4. DAILY MAIL – Yellow vest’ violence erupts across Europe: Paris riots spread to Brussels and Amsterdam as 1,400 are arrested, French police call up 8,000 reinforcements and rioters torch everything in their path

    Paris is on lockdown as armed police battle to contain ‘yellow vest’ demonstrators with more than 700 arrests
    8,000 police were deployed in Paris to avoid a repeat of last Saturday’s mayhem when rioters wreaked havoc
    Shops were boarded up to avoid looting and street furniture and construction site materials were removed
    Nearly 1,400 people were detained across France, according to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner


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