There is a rally planned for Parliament Hill on Saturday, December 8th at 11:00 AM against the Global Migration Pact, so loved by Trudeau, Merkel and the UN.

Maxime Bernier, the only rational non-pandering, non-leftist political leader in Canada is planning to speak early in the day at this rally.

Anyone who can make it out to support this last ditch effort to preserve Canada as a nation state, please do so. This is not a small thing, or even a large thing like M103 when our freedom of speech got canned in favour of preventing criticism of Islam.

This is an enormous thing where Trudeau plans to finish his ambition of destroying Canada as a polity, as he said plainly to the New York Times, as well as in this video:

Trudeau in 2006:

Trudeau in 2016:

The flyer for Saturday:

This is Maxime Bernier speaking in Gatineau last month:

It will be good to hear him speak plainly about the migration pact. So far no one else has bothered until the polls made it look like a good idea.


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  1. Andrew Scheer is now against it, although before he was for it until Mad-Max warned us against it and launched his petition. By the way, no Conservative elected member of Parliament signed the petition.

  2. Unfortunately, that “openness, compassion, respect, willingness to work hard, be there for each other, search for equality and justice” are not, as far as I’ve been able to ascertain after long study and careful consideration, part of the set of attitudes towards us held by the religion that is taking us over. They are, rather, part of the adolescent dream of the senseless and dangerous moron who got his hands on the reins of power in Canada.

    OK everyone, now let’s hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”, then hug our neighbour. That about sums up Trudeau. Sorry sir, what did you say? Oh, you don’t hold hands with a woman. And “death to Christians and Jews” did I hear one of your friends muttering – or even shouting?

    Trudeau keeps saying “Our diversity is our strength” bot never says HOW. He says that Canada was built by immigrants, but doesn’t say WHICH ONES. Were they Africans, Iraqis, Afghans? IF so, why haven’t they so far put to work in their own homelands some of their wonderful skills? Why doesn’t a town in Sierra Leone look like one in Saskatchewan, instead of the rubbish-strewn shithole it probably is. Why isn’t Kabul like Calgary? Just asking.

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