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2 Replies to “Rebel’s Jack Buckby interviews a Yellow Vest”

  1. It makes me think of an interview with an Englishman at December 9th’s solidarity march for Brexit.

    “Why are you here?”
    “We voted for Brexit, so I want to show public support for it”
    “But you knowthat all your Public Utilities and industries that your government sold out to foreign investors – they will pull out once their direct access to the Common Market is gone, right?”
    “It’s more than a short-term issue. A free-market can return, once the government licencing-scam has gone. No more will there be over eight ways to buy a train ticket from A to B so that companies can trick and fine their customers for making wrong journeys from their ‘Blockbuster revenue’ schemes… https://www.nytimes.com/2001/06/06/business/blockbuster-settles-suits-on-late-fees.html …Also the religious European Human Rights Act for all their Preferred Preferential Identities and the Commission’s God-like power to rule us to keep The Peace will be removed”
    “But one of the organizers of this event is a convicted criminal…”
    “And many of the government, past and present, are unconvicted criminals”
    “Many will see this march as racist..”
    “It’s a march for the rights of individuals. The British love their eccentrics. Germans worshipped and celebrated Hitler as they now do for Mother Merkel and will go down into any bunker with anyone who makes them virtuous. We love our freedoms and we want that for evey person disregarding their race, culture or colour.”
    “But the Muslims will see this as mischief against them…”
    “Every totalitarian ideology will be offended. Look, you can see AntiFa with their bicycle locks on the left here… Housing Estate Lives Matter besides them, and the National Health Service keeping the dead alive next to them.”
    “You will make everyone poorer!”
    “Flees leave a hungry dog”
    (Tear gas is let off in front of the BBC reporters by some undercover policemen posing as EDL members).

  2. Gorbachev was right about the EU and Globalism.
    In place of the various colour revolutions of Eastern Europe in 1989 we have their echo in the West.
    It will be messy but we the people will win.

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