Yellow Jacket protests spread into Belgium

For those of you who listened to my !first ever podcast with Amy Mek (At or after around 17 minutes in) on Tuesday, I may have expressed my own fears about what this really means. it is something about which to be suspicious when ANTIFA black block and everyone else appear to be on the same side, with the intention, presumably, of bringing down these governments.

This can only mean what will happen, Vs. what the non-communists want to happen after an event like that, will not be at all similar.

Nonetheless, these events must be watched:

More videos will be added to this post over the day.


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4 Replies to “Yellow Jacket protests spread into Belgium”

  1. ofcourse the black block uses this for its own purpose.
    we did se it comming didnt we, in the beginning in france..
    bryssel is full of migrants to who wants kaos now they have the means.

    • Yes I feel that the good people of France who support these protests are being led to the slaughter. The alleged purpose of the protest a Judas goat.

      • Who will be slaughtered depends on how savvy the non antifa leaders are, right now the big danger is antifa killing some police and trying to frame the non antifa groups. Once the real fighting starts antifa will let the non antifa groups do the fighting and take the causalities so their forces will be intact for the real fight after the French Government is defeated.

      • Don’t you think you’re being a bit alarmist? Nobody is slaughtering anybody (yet).
        Both Belgium and France have a tradition of violent protests: labor movement but also soccer hooligans, ethnic groups, antifa vs skinheads etc. And infiltration of crowds of protesters by “youths” is not uncommon either:

        Afaik no government there ever fell over such events. The issues behind the yellow vest movement might topple a government though (eventually).

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