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8 Replies to “Trudeau gibberish. Trudibberish”

  1. Dystopia PM Trudeau is quite peas and carrots, no? What did he just say? He hasn’t a clue. Neither does anyone else. Happy Friday.

    I dare say there cannot have been, in the history of any nation, a more manufactured, handled, hollow-headed dingbat than this snot-soaked sissy. The only thing I am beginning to resent more than his moronic, pro-communist, pro-Wahabi, pro-Salafist meanderings are the people of Dystopia who ask only where is the ketchup for their fries. Truly.

    How can this continue, Dear Leader? Americans are starting to notice that Dystopia is full of jihadis. Do you really think you can make the world’s first “Post-National” nation on the doorstep of the world’s greatest, most justifiably militaristic country? Bravo, Dear Leader! Clearly you inherited ambition, and hair. What will the U.S. do? Stand idly by as you build an ever-greater threat to them? I give it five years. Five years until (given your forthcoming election victory due to an utterly stoned and stupid contituency) PT (who wins his next election because of sheer resolve, luck and brilliance) invades. Yup.

    The world will be vastly different five years from now. We won’t recognize it. There will be flying cars, genetically-edited Chinese babies edited into creative cauc(asians), and transgendered orphans wondering why the world lost interest in their silly fashion.

    Again, happy Friday, folks. Here’s before Dystopia–not many cultural icons straddled our border as well as these guys:


    • … PT (who wins his next election because of sheer resolve, luck and brilliance) invades.

      It bears mentioning that the Democrats also seem (for once) to be more rudderless than the usually skeg-free GOP.

      Nonetheless, your point still stands with respect to Canada’s overly-enthusiastic importation of those who pose a serious threat to America’s national security. Turning Canuckistan into some sort of attic suzerain or satrapy may well prove necessary if Justine is reelected or even if somebody else like him takes office.

      Again, happy Friday, folks.

      I’m waaaay ahead of you, Johnnyu. Last night I was at a SHIT party (i.e., Sure Happy It’s Thursday).

  2. Trudeau in Argentina says there are “social” impacts of bringing male construction workers to rural areas.

    There definitely are “social impacts”. One of the most prominent being that many of the farmers’ daughters get pregnant.

  3. Shouldn’t someone tell they guys with the straightjackets looking for their patient , that he’s made it to Argentina ?

    • Shouldn’t someone tell the guys with the straightjackets looking for their patient, that he’s made it to Argentina?

      Don’t worry. A pansy-@ss, nancy boy like Justine will be easy to find. His limp-wristedness tends to stand out against Argentina’s resident population of tight-jawed Nazis.

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