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5 Replies to “Justin Trudeau explains his views on Nation States in 2006”

  1. He is an exteme ideologue. Not very bright which makes him easier to lead. Granted the manners of a monied upbringing the Liberal handlers saw a marketable commodity to power. We all can see this but can’t stop it. The sense of injustice percolating under Canadian society will only grow.

    • He and the people pulling his strings think that by making a peaceful revolution almost impossible they are safe. The harder they push the closer a violent revolution becomes.

  2. The Trudeau’esque idiocracy is here to stay , for now at least . I feel bad for you sane Canadians who have to suffer this sorry excuse for a politician ; here’s to hoping that this nutjob will stumble over one of the many costumes and roles he’s constantly trying on . Such a pile of weapons-grade stupidity will eventually self-destroy once a critical mass has been reached .

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