ANTIFA, Tijuana talk about Soros? Links 1, November 23, 2018

1. Portland leftist thugs and Jacobins increasingly violent and aggressive

2. The March to invade America and the resistance to allow it to happen.

3. Blast at market in northwest Pakistan kills at least 25

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) – A suicide bomb attack on a crowded festival and market in northwest Pakistan’s northwest killed at least 25 people on Friday and wounded 20, a government official said.


The blast occurred at around the same time that three attackers tried to storm the Chinese consulate in the southern city of Karachi. Two policemen and the three attackers were killed.


The Karachi attack was claimed by a separatist insurgent group called the Balochistan Liberation Army, and did not appear to be connected to the attack on the market in the northwestern region of Orakzai.

In Orakzai, a suicide bomber drove a motorcycle into a crowd attending a festival and market that attracts people from different religious communities, before detonating his explosives.

(From the rest of the article it looks like an Islamic attack to retake control of the area, as it had been used as staging grounds for anti Afghan-government attacks and other Islamic horror operations.)

4. School bars mom from entering after she objected to gay ‘pride’ event for 5-year-olds

LONDON, England, November 21, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Christian parent confronted the governors of her child’s primary school about treatment she and her son received after she objected to the school’s mandatory homosexual “Pride Day” celebrations.


That treatment included being barred from entering her five-year-old’s school to discuss the kindergartener being given four hours of detention after his mother’s objections to the LGBT event were made known.


Izoduwa Adhedo was one of a group of parents who complained that their children, pupils at Heavers Farm Primary School in South East London, were compelled to take part in the June 29, 2018 “Proud to be Me” event.  

According to a statement released by the UK’s Christian Legal Centre (CLC), some of these parents, including Mrs. Adhedo, say that they were treated “dismissively” and “victimised” after their objections.


CLC’s Robert Kiska told LifeSiteNews that when Adhedo met with Susan Papas, the principal, or “headteacher,” on September 19 to discuss her concerns, she was confronted by a teacher – the principal’s daughter – wearing an aggressively pro-LGBT T-shirt.


The t-shirt asked, “‘Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic, when you can just be quiet?’” 

(Increasingly, no opinions that go against the communist-Islamic alliance will be tolerated, and increasingly, the punishments for holding or expressing said views, will increase, and increasingly, the degree of evidence required to punish people who do not hold Globalist-Islamic views will grow less and less as it will serve as a good example to the community to arbitrarily punish people who are not with the program.)


(This is good. Explains things)

Alleged Nazi collaborator George Soros is best understood by playing him backward. His organizations mean the exact opposite of their names.


The Democracy Alliance is a plot to undermine democracy by a handful of wealthy oligarchs and special interests. His Open Society’s goal is a closed society. 


Social media makes it too easy to have an open society. As opposed to a consolidated corporate media.

So George Soros allegedly plotted to regulate Facebook until it was as controlled as the media. His war on Facebook, run by astroturfed activists is bearing fruit, with the backing of the media.

But Soros is first and foremost a financial schemer. Is he cashing in on his own war on Facebook? Who knows. It is an interesting question.

6. Police Spokesman for Tijuana on the migrant invasion:

(Notice that the police spokesman is still hobbled by political correctness, but despite that, he had to tell some truth on the matter.)

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., PC., FAM from Searchlight, Yucki, Johnny U., NorseRadish, Sassy, Oz-Rita, and so many people who have contributed in many ways.

Ending with some good news:

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2 Replies to “ANTIFA, Tijuana talk about Soros? Links 1, November 23, 2018”

  1. 1 – Hang onyou ain’t seen not peak violence yet.

    4 – Freedom of speech and thought is disappearing from Earth, we must fight to restore freedom to the world.

    5 – I doubt that Soro’s does very many things without making a profit off them.

    6 – If the previous Presidents we have had this Century had stopped the illegals when they were in power neither the US or Mexico would be in the current mess.

  2. 4. “…on September 19 to discuss her concerns, she was confronted by a teacher – the principal’s daughter – wearing an aggressively pro-LGBT T-shirt.

    The t-shirt asked, “‘Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic, when you can just be quiet?’””

    The Right to Remain Silent.

    Communits, LGBTQ+ and Muslims cannot abide stillness. Hell fears it. For in the moment, of nothing, is All Creation. Then the created, the fake, are revealed.

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