More on ANTIFA and its thuggery and fascist tactics in Denmark

Yesterday we posted the interview with former leader of For Freedom in Denmark about the disgusting show of thuggery, threats and intimidation by ANTIFA against a commemoration of Kristallnacht that took place in Copenhagen on the anniversary of that awful event.

Below, some footage from the ceremony, and the massive police presence to try and prevent ANTIFA from getting too close.

As it was they managed to topple the PA system.

Oh yes and the fact that ANTIFA was calling For Freedom, “Nazi Pigs”, does not make these fine people Nazis, nor does it make ANTIFA not Nazis. The ones attacking a commemoration of a (real) Nazi atrocity against Jewish people, by quietly reading speeches and holding Israeli flags and other Jewish iconography are quite clear in their intentions.

The ones behaving like Nazis….

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4 Replies to “More on ANTIFA and its thuggery and fascist tactics in Denmark”

  1. The fascists have once again raised their heads and are calling themselves anti fascists, the freedom loving people in the world are going to have to throw off the indoctrination f the left and once more fight for our freedom.

    Thomas Jefferson said that the world would need a revolution every 20 years or so for freedom to survive, (not an exact quote) the time has come for the modern generation to step up and prove that they are the true descendants of the people who fought for and establish a civilization based on Judo Christian traditions and morals, we had the ideal of equal justice for all and all being equal under the law. The left has worked hard to change that (as the current mess in Florida shows) and Patriots are once again called on to fertilize the Tree of Liberty with their blood and the blood of the wanna be Tyrants.

    Sons of Liberty arise your freedom is at high risk and you are needed to defend freedom and liberty. It is once again a time when the free people of the world must risk everything or they are assured of losing everything.

      • This isn’t the US I grew up in either, the radical left has changed everything everywhere.

        Good pal, for whatever reason, people (especially in the West) seem to have forgotten that change passes hands in both directions. For whichever reason, people (especially out here on the Left Coast) seem to think that everything’s a one-way street. Big surprise waiting.

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