Last honest European reporter on UN migration pact

This is another “If you see nothing else today” video. And its under two minutes.

After watching this, for those who have not seen the fantastically important interview with Tom Quiggin, this might be a good time to watch. Between the two videos, it gives a pretty solid feel for where the formerly free world is at in its steep slide to totalitarian communism with a large slice of Islam.


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  1. Vlad Tepes is a great blog, but it’s too difficult to forward videos to other parties, esp. if you’re not a Farcebook, Quitter, or the all-intrusive Google Voyeur user. Would be nice if it were as easy as Jihad Watch or BNI, e.g., which make sending items to other parties a breeze . . ..

    Cheers to Vlad Tepes.

    • 1. Right click over any video and select: “COPY VIDEO URL”

      Then send it by email or however you want to whomever you like.

      2. Start the video and click the YT logo, bottom right. That starts the video playing on its own Youtube page and you can grab the URL from the address bar or however you like from there

      Hope that helps.

      • Thank you. In my ignorance, I didn’t know it was that easy to forward videos. I have difficulty watching vids, and was thinking more in terms of sending printed material. Whatever needs to be forwarded, I now know how to. Thank you again. Cheers

  2. This is a huge trap from this disgusting U.N. , Germany and rest of Europe don’t sign this death warrant, it will be end of Europe and western civilization, Soros is behind this horror plan to destroy West , it will be another huge mistake, Merkel, Macron , 2 evils who wants. Help this madness

  3. The UN was idealistic and overambitious from the start. The flood of 3rd world countries , all with their corrupt hands out, has made it a political tool for those without ethics but with money and power. this resolution is just another way of destroying the western world by legalizing invasion. None of the 3rd world fools realize(that is, IF they care, which I doubt) that every one who leaves their own country and parasitizes the west is one less chance of pulling his/her own country out of the 3rd world sewer. It is like mixing paint and the grey world of the future is nothing about which to be optimistic. IMO the UN should be closed down totally. I do not understand why so many western leaders are so gutless, stupid, naïve or simply dishonest.

  4. Remember that a very large percentage of the Canadian populace, especially the “educated” ones, are convinced that “Islamic Jihad” is nothing but a fabrication invented by the extreme right as a justification for their pre-existing anti-immigrant racist view of the world and is of no particular concern other than that. They also believe that the most important issues we face today are climate change and the rise of far-right entities like Victor Orban, David Duke, Satan, Donald Trump, and Nigel Farage. And in their hearts, they believe that if the Israelis would stop picking on the Palestinians that the whole Islam thing would go away…

    In other words, the average Canadian is utterly confused and has no idea what is going on in the world today or even what is important and what is not.

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