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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on Prager U: Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power”

  1. All Career Politicians and Bureaucrats are motivated by power, and the power they carve the most is the power to force people to live according to the rules the power hungry set. The Founding Fathers had lived under a much freer version of the Swamp and hated it, they tried to set up a Government that would prevent the power hungry from seizing power, they failed but it took over 100 years for the power hungry to change the laws and the public attitudes towards the Government before they stood a chance of taking total control. Before the power hungry could seize total power a patriot very like the rich who founded this nation saw the danger and ran for President. Because Donald Trump isn’t a politicians and the voters recognized this fact. People who had given up on both parties turned out in mass to vote for Trump, now we are waiting to see if he can achieve the same type of victory in the mid terms the next 2 years will be very bumpy.

    Given the major problems that we can easily see arising in the near future we need Donald Trump in the Oval Office for the next 6 years and then if Pence will run and govern as the third and fourth Trump administrations we will be set on a path the power hungry will be unable to change for 50 years or more.

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