Social Media, Gab and alternatives like FreeZoxee

There will be a lot, in the next week, on this site about social media for our audience.

As many of you will know, especially if you read the comments at the Daily Reader posts at this site, Gab, the Twitter alternative has been closed down.

While I was a member at Gab, I didn’t use it really at all. And now its connection to the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter has essentially ended it.

There is a new platform called FreeZoxee, which was Matt Bracken on Gab, SM platform, FreeZoxee, and the shooting of the Synagogue yesterday, which looks really really good.

It is a kind of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube combination, and while not 100% finished yet, its functional, has well over 3000 users, and Pat Condell is one of them.

I would recommend that you go over and create an account and play around over there. I am doing an interview with the developer-owner of the site soon, so if any of you have questions about the site, its operations and manifesto, leave them in the comments and I will do my best to ask FZ as many as I can.

For your first session where you create an account, its best if you do not turn on your VPN.

What I can say for the moment is they have a no-totalitarian ideology policy now. That means no communists, no Nazis, and no Wahabbi style Muslims.

As such, it may make a much more pleasant place to be that doesn’t require constant banning or blocking of Neo-Nazis and social justice warriors etc.


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4 Replies to “Social Media, Gab and alternatives like FreeZoxee”

  1. I also have a GAB account but rarely went because it wasn’t user-friendly. I’m happy there’s another alternative. May it live long.

  2. I tried to sign up, but first had to argue with their bad-bot doohickey (apparently it has never heard of SeaMonkey browser), then got stuck in reCAPTCHA Hell and never made it past that. (Gave up after about 20 iterations. Once it shows a bus or traffic light, it never works.)

  3. freezoxee is another exercise in trockist/communist Hegelian dialectics, look at their logo once you become a member, and mission statement and how they bully people expressing opinions, many examples of name calling “nazis” etc….all dressed up to look like patriots, but really trying to control both spectrums of any narrative with a strong leaning towards trockism. Stay away!
    This is the first time i was called a nazi in my life ;)) …hard to swallow considering that i was born in Poland. …..very very strange guy this Matt Bracken, he called me a nazi on many occasions….;))) If it weren’t so funny (on the retarded side ;))), I would have not kept the account for longer then a day ;)))) Lasted few weeks though …;)))

  4. 1. Freezoxee is a deployment of WoWonder ( Why are they telling people they developed it from scratch?

    2. Another site that used WoWonder was WrongThink. When they got popular the code was unable to cope. Will the same thing happen to Freezoxee?

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