Memorial in Ottawa for the victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre

Last night in Ottawa, there was a memorial service for the people shot by the “Trump hating Nazi” in Pittsburgh.

One of our corespondents was there, and tells me it was jam packed.

And despite the presence of many loonie-lefty politicians, there was nearly no trace of Marxism in the speeches. For example they did not do the now ubiquitous chant of “We concede we are standing on unseeded Huron land”, more a tribute to Marx than to Amer-Indians, and even more amazingly, they did not turn it into a lecture on Islamophobia, although the word, “Xenophobia” was tossed around like a baseball at little league.

Overall as our friends who attended assure us, it was a very moving evening, and no abuse of it for political purposes took place.

So glad to hear this. A little good news in a hurricane of crisis level events.


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