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18 Replies to “Matt Bracken on Gab, SM platform, FreeZoxee, and the shooting of the Synagogue yesterday”

  1. Is GAB being used as a commie tool? A Red-Brown Alliance?

    “The Far Right Has a New Digital Safe Space”
    By Amanda Hess – November 30, 2016

    “‘Alt-right’ leader Richard Spencer has voted for Democrats in the past, including John Kerry”
    By Jennifer Emily – October 2017

  2. This is an eye opener for me. I was naive to believe the existance of Nazis to be scant. Matt says there are more than we know. It almost feels as if another front has opened up, even though it was always there. I appreciate his clarity.

    • It almost feels as if another front has opened up, even though it was always there. I appreciate his clarity.

      Welcome, Johnnyu, to the Brave New World.

      With ZERO condescension intended (especially to an erudite person as yourself).

      Let’s please continue to keep hostile forces at bay, eh?

    • It’s coming from both sides because it has nothing to do with sides. It’s a symptom that’s been around for millennia. It’s a tripwire that signals impending war.

      At times of social upheaval, feelings of anger and fear are displaced onto this particular target, this “other”. Pressures build before major wars.

      I posted the comment below in response to this article: ‘The threat of anti-Semitism comes from mainstream Germany’

      Signs in Germany are exceptionally bad.

      The way I figure, G-d has Jews living in Germany today for only one reason:
      =>To serve as canaries in the mine shaft.
      They start having problems, they have a place to go and help to get there. Don’t worry about them, He’s got this.

      That’s His warning to the German people.
      These innocents have suffered enough for the sins of their fathers’ fathers. They can’t ignore this message. The sirens are shrieking.
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      By the way, canaries talk nonsense in German. Completely addled, they’ll keep bashing into the leftmost wall. Israeli-Germans, like this fool, are the worst. A danger to self and others.

      ?It’s not what THEY say that’s important.
      It’s their IDENTITY that’s being targeted. In contemporary German, Israel is the polite way of saying Juden.

      • It’s a tripwire that signals impending war.

        That it is, and the impending war is going to be a real big one, one that will cause the map makers to redraw the borders of many nations.

        • oh gosh Yuccki, I hope you are wrong.

          But when I think about it, how many
          German Jews now need to be fled out of Germany?
          Quite a few.
          And when I look at the situation on the ground, I see very little chance for the Jews to stay in Europe; they are being surrounded by Islamist protagonists.
          You know, back in 1995 I was told that removing my children from the public school system was akin to taking the spark plug out of the engine.
          I understand that removing my children from the public school system made it much more likely that the teachers wouldn’t be able to bring students to a norm. My son was used as a private tutor, actually being removed under the guise that this would benefit him.
          I can only say that our school districts have been swamped by children that have no interest in furthering themselves and, even if they did the public school system holds them back. They do not help to be educated to the best of his/her ability…
          Well, people ask now why the school achievement is falling…
          I would say that the”magic dirt” is not working.
          My son worked for several years in a Korean school. Would anyone want to transplant to that culture to Somali immigrants??
          How would average IQ of 70 compete or actually follow along with an IQ of 110< not to mention the total support of a family?
          Our situation has become so screwed up that it is actually hard to follow along.
          Those that have real world understanding, that have actually been driven out of the "multicultural" and, let's face it, reject this philosophy, have a hard row to hoe unless they have a lot of money.

          • Glad you let someone else’s kid be the sparkplug.

            People with real power, the ones who ruined Europe, have no skin in the game at all.

            From GoV: http://gatesofvienna.net/2018/02/no-skin-in-the-game/

            • Emmanuel Macron, France
            • Angela Merkel, Germany
            • Sebastian Kurz, Austria
            • Theresa May, UK
            • Paolo Gentiloni, Italy
            • Mark Rutte, Holland
            • Stefan Löfven, Sweden
            • Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg
            • Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland
            • Jean-Claude Juncker, Pres European Commission
            [Also: Abe of Japan and Narendra Modi of India.]

            Both DJTrump and Jair Bolsonaro have 5 kids!

      • And there’s a movement among British Jews who are applying to move to Germany to escape British antisemitism. I clearly observe a common denominator that is the main problem.

    • A lot of the so-called Nazis are actually LARPers (Live Action Role Players). Some are trolls, others are leftist shills. A great many of the “Jew haters” on Gab are actually Muslim activists. (One member has been outing them and keeping track.)

      But far as I can tell, there are no actual Nazis.

      As to their “da Joos did it” nonsense… one shrink pointed out that conspiracy theories are how schizophenics make a chaotic world make sense in their broken minds. And their conspiracy theories tend to revolve either around aliens/illuminati, or around Jews. It’s not a sign of anti-semitism; it’s a symptom of mental illness.

  3. Related:

    “A Philosopher’s Warning”
    by JR Nyquist – February 18, 2011

    “It Takes a Traitor (and a Misfit)”
    J.R. Nyquist – March 15, 2018


    In 2009 Russian political “philosopher” and would-be Teufelsdröckh, Aleksandr Dugin, came out with a book titled The Fourth Political Theory. The book was clearly written for the purpose of justifying a future global war against the United States. Dugin is an outright representative of the Kremlin War Party. He is a vile and obnoxious individual, and last year a petition was circulated at Moscow State University which said, “We demand that Professor A.G. Dugin be dismissed from the faculty.” The petition was signed by over 10,000 students (may God bless them) before being sent to the MSU rector. The details of Dugin’s departure from MSU remain unclear, except that Dugin is no longer teaching there. This serves to illustrate, of course, that even in Russia normal people can prevail over a malignant misfit. There are good people in Russia, as there are good people in America, and these people have the same goals and aspirations (whatever Putin might say to the contrary).
    At least for the moment, Dugin’s experiment has failed. His academically couched justifications for wiping out the United States have been shoved aside for Putin’s more practical, televised approach. Experts in propaganda have long understood that the public is suspicious of intricate arguments, intellectual proofs and scholarly asides. They want something straight from the heart. They prefer, above all, a performance before cameras. And Putin has delivered this performance. Who needs the intellectual argument when new lies are always being exchanged for old ones? It’s too much work to introduce the pretense of intellectual refinement into such a process. Furthermore, we must conclude that the Russian students of MSU – however patriotically inclined – know a villain when they see one. Their patriotism does not consist of a hydrogen bomb crashing down on Washington, D.C. As children of the post-Cold War, they view the world with normal eyes. The best of them know that America wishes them well – that America has no plan to destroy them. They know, of course, that nobody in America is preaching war. Nobody would become popular doing such a thing. Is this not a proof in itself? For our Dugins – our political psychopaths – are basically saying the same thing that Dugin has been saying; that is, by voting to ban the American flag from an American college campus they align themselves with Putin’s academic pet. It’s really that simple. Nobody wants to bomb Russia in the United States because our political crazy people are on the same page as Russia’s crazy people. All these crazy people agree that the country marked for destruction is America, not Russia.
    Has this been understood? Undoubtedly, it is the key to the whole thing.

  4. Just because someone goes ballistic doesn’t mean you should take your eye off the ball and let the open border loons have their way.
    The video and comments on this thread rankle me because it reminds me of the cowering after the Anders Breivik shooting in Norway. Stand your bloody ground, stop cowering to your accusers, don’t let them brow beat you.
    Stop wasting time trying to position yourself into the PC world, that’s what the commies want you to do.

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