The media and state agencies continue the vector to Islamic an d leftist subversion: Links 1, Oct. 28, 2018

1. I really have no idea what to title this one.

2. Russian security busting a group of people for some reason.

3. American tourist tackled hammer-wielding thief trying to steal Magna Carta

LONDON — An American tourist from Louisiana reportedly tackled a hammer-wielding thief who unsuccessfully tried to steal the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral, holding him on the ground until help could arrive.


Matt Delcambre, of Little Iberia, Louisiana, told The Sun newspaper in an interview published Saturday that he and his wife Alexis were sightseeing in the southwestern English city when a man tried to shatter the glass encasing the precious manuscript after a fire alarm was set off in the Chapter House of the building. Amid the confusion, Delcambre grabbed the suspect as he fled.

The article does not give the name of the perp. But some clues as to who he might be are in the article.

  1. It does not say the motive. This would be a tough document to fence if the motive was theft and smashing it with a hammer probably would diminish its value anyway.
  2. Perp not named
  3. He was released on bail.

So the real question may be: “How many M’s in the name of the perp.”

4. Czech PM Compares Europe to ‘Asterix’s Besieged Village’, Insists ‘We Have a Right to Defend Our Borders, Heritage’

Europeans “have the right to defend our borders, our lifestyle, our heritage and our culture,” the Czech prime minister has said, attacking “divisive” EU plans to foist mass third world migration on the bloc’s eastern states.

Andrej Babiš made the comments while visiting a museum in Prague with globalist French leader Emmanuel Macron, who on Friday had declared Europe was “not a supermarket” as he kicked off a two-day tour of the Czech Republic and Slovakia with demands that the patriotic Visegrad states fall into line regarding EU dictates on “migrant solidarity” and “fundamental values”.


“The Czech Republic has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe,” said Babiš in comments reported by AFP. “All those who come have a work permit. One must have the same system in Europe.”

A couple of items showing the rather spectacular level of media bias in the USA.

To be clear, the average person, even here in Canada, will be fully aware of the ludicrous Clock-boy level hoax-bombs sent to leftists, But likely will not even know about the following examples, or will have not noticed or forgotten them fully.

5a. Media yawned when real ricin packages were mailed to Trump and leading Republicans a mere 4 weeks ago

Chris Buskirk asks a key question that exposes the media’s total manipulation of the news: “Why Are Fake Bombs Sent to Democrats More Shocking Than Real Ricin Packages to Republicans?”

I would wager that 98% of the public doesn’t even know that packages far more deadly than the ineffective bomb-resembling packages allegedly mailed by Cesar Sayoc were mailed to the president and his allies and staff.

Remember that time American media was consumed with news that the deadly poison ricin – contact with the skin can be deadly – was sent to President Trump, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson?  Remember all of the introspective opinion pieces wondering if attacks on the president had gone too far?  Or if claiming that Republican policies kill people, might not be an incitement to violence?

5b. Paul Rosenfeld: ‘Sortition’ Supporter Charged in Election Day Suicide Bomb Plot

6. Al-Azhar imam opens session of Saskatchewan legislature.

Thank you Henry, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Xanthippa, Richard, and all who sent in materials, and as always, there is a lot of important links and news in the Daily Reader’s Links post for this weekend.

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  1. FYI link to Pt II doesn’t work, I also don’t see it in the BC channel. The embedded videos play fine though.
    Interesting documentary (also disturbing).

  2. We have entered Kafka-Land.

    Known in many previous centuries as Kali Yuga. As in:

    Kali Yuga is associated with the demon Kali (not to be confused with the goddess K?l?). The “Kali” of Kali Yuga means “strife”, “discord”, “quarrel” or “contention”. Eh?

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