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8 Replies to “This may be the guy who sent the hoax bombs”

  1. I think the Soros/ DNC false flag plan to rally their base. No true Trump supporter would do this at this time. I think, once again, they overplayed their hand

  2. Can’t contribute much to this, but maybe this little thing:


    Wikiliar: “King is a staunch opponent of immigration and multiculturalism, and has stirred controversy with racist or racially charged comments, as well as his support for European right-wing populist and far-right politicians accused of racism and Islamophobia.”

    (Yeah, sure!)

    Wikipedia categories:
    American people of German descent
    American people of Irish descent
    American people of Welsh descent

  3. Yet one more parallel between Islam and Liberals. As Renee noted, “they overplayed their hand”. Both groups suffer from chronic overreach and it’s not as though their followers are ever seriously discouraged from taking an extremist tack.

    The tsunami of vitriol, bile, and unvarnished violent hatred against Trump is emblematic of where the Democrat party hopes to take all of America. Eff knows that 0bama devoted endless hours towards making the USA subservient to lesser powers.

    • Yeah they have over played their hand, we have close to two weeks to repair the damage this did to the Repub goal of maintaining control of both houses of Congress. Before this I thought we would win new seats in both Houses, now we will probably win new seats in the Senate but will maintain just about the same number in the House.

      • … we have close to two weeks to repair the damage…

        Two weeks?!? If properly stage-managed, that may as well be TWO YEARS (in 21st century time!). Helicoptering parents have nothing on the game-plans and play diagrams of top-drawer Madison Avenue PR firms. Insert obligatory reference to “Century of the Self“, >here<.

        It is my unshakable belief that Trump read the proverbial "Riot Act" to all federal (state, municipal, and county) agencies involved and got near instant results. More to his credit … his demonstration of bipartisan, "heartfelt", concern for an opposing party's leaders (let's see them do the flarking same for him, ha!).

    • Incidentally, does anyone else think that Trump built a bonfire beneath the Secret Service, FBI, or any other agency that needed a scrap of reminding about exactly who they work for?

      That they managed such a expeditious track-back on this wing-nut tells me that Trump was perfectly aware of the timing involved and stole the Left’s fire.

      Now, to see if he is capable of managing this “no win” situation called the “Caravan”. Doing so without incurring major violence may well prove to be the greatest challenge Trump will face during his first term.

      • Trump is working hard on the Caravan but how much he will be able to do is still unknown.

        With anyone besides Trump there would be no chance for him to flip these messes to hurt the Dems, Trump has done so many impossible jobs of flipping the mess from a loss to a win that I say we will have to wait and see if he can do it again.

        • …Trump has done so many impossible jobs of flipping the mess from a loss to a win that I say we will have to wait and see if he can do it again.

          I can only agree with you. Had Trump not spanked Red China and North Korea so vigorously, I might feel otherwise. Instead, we have “shirtsleeve” management operating in the Oval Office. Unlike the past several administrations.

          With so much on the line, it’s difficult to be patient with Trump but, without a doubt, he has earned the latitude needed to solve these problems with the strong support of a trusting voter base.

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