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18 Replies to “LIVE presser on Florida hoax-bomb maker suspect”

  1. So, of course, the one thing I’m listening for is the one thing they do not mention, namely what was the nature of the literature stuck to the windows of the van? Honestly, this prohibition against “profiling” as a way of reasoning drives me crazy. Just give me a couple of minutes of looking at the van and the guy’s internet viewing habits and I could tell you exactly where he’s at, but no, that would be profiling and that’s racist or something. Jesus! So we have to sit through days of watching them agonize over the motive when it’s probably as clear as the nose on your face but only through “profiling”.

    The subverters have got us so tied in knots that we can’t even speak the name of the monster that’s got its hands around our throats. Political correctness is a disease that the left has purposely inflicted on society in order to give them control over the language. Damn them!

  2. Oh, so the wind “accidentally” blew the tarp back as the FBI was towing the van to reveal a perfect montage of pro-Trump pictures on the windows. At the risk of sounding like Alex Jones, why would a Trump fan who was smart enough to do all this think that he was doing the conservative cause any favors by pulling off this phony bomb scare two weeks before the primaries? How would that get votes for the Republicans? The bombs didn’t go off so he was only sending a message so his motive wasn’t murder. Are we supposed to believe anybody could be that dumb?

    Maybe the guy has inoperable cancer of the spleen and they promised to provide for his family after he dies around Christmas time…

  3. So Cesar Sayoc gets the “Anders Breivik” award for kicking the most goals into his own team’s net. Thanks, Cesar. Why don’t you burn down a children’s hospital and put a big, “Make America Great Again” hat out in front of the burning building and the falling little flaming victims? What a complete moron! I still don’t fully believe that anyone would be stupid enough to believe this was a good plan. How could it be…?

  4. He’s a registered Republican as of mid-2016. And his mom is a Democrat.
    However, in his Twitter feed, he follows only Democrat nasties, maybe as a troll.
    And his vehicle was 100% covered with pro-Trump stickers, all in pristine condition.
    The Philippino guy has quite the rap sheet, not synonymous with Repubs.
    He seemed angry with Gillum’s 40% taxation proposal on businesses.
    It’s quite possible he had a small business in the entertainment field.

    He was living with his 76-year old Democrat mom which means the T.V. was set on CNN 24/7.

  5. “Pipe bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc Jr. is a registered Republican and a Trump fan with a criminal record” By Pete Williams, Rich Schapiro, Adiel Kaplan and Corky Siemaszko – October 26, 2018


    The suspect also appeared to have money troubles. Records revealed he had a property foreclosed on in 2009 and filed for bankruptcy in 2012. At the time, he was living with his mother and employed as a grocery store manager, records show.

    But of late, Sayoc had been living in his van and showering at the gym where he works out, a Florida-based cousin who asked not to be identified told NBC News.

    Cesar Sayoc Jr. was sleeping in a van wrapped in pro-Trump stickers?
    That could be dangerous.

    “Truck With Pro-Trump Stickers Set On Fire In Vancouver, Washington”
    Weasel Zippers – October 10, 2018

  6. Yucki, skip to video time point – 00:11:30. Nothing before then is of even slight significance.

    Whoa! The speaker’s career is burnt toast. He actually had the nerve to thank those in the front-line trenches for putting their lives on the line?

    Very quick work…

    I still maintain that Trump built a mountain of hot coals beneath all federal, state, and local agencies to get this out-of-the-chute before Midterms.

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