“A bad day for freedom of speech today in Europe” -C

On top of the ludicrous and fully Islamo-Soviet ruling by the European “court of human rights”, ‘A term more honoured in the breach than in the observance’ in this case, to borrow from The Bard, we also have this thanks to C.

Today the court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, fined a fan of Geert Wilders 400 EU for “group insult” of Arabs:

Prior to a 2010 anti-islam protest, he said “As everybody knows, Arabs are keen assbangers. And they f*ck little boys. That’s nothing out of the ordinary in their culture.”

His sign says “Wilders akbar”. I also hear him say  here that Wilders is greater than “Muhammad the toddler-f*cker and Allah the half-moon demon”. Apparently that’s still OK in the Netherlands. In present-day Austria you’d be caned in the town square.

Thank you C. for bringing this bit of Orwellian lunacy to general view.

May the Streisand effect curse all those who try and quell the genuine human right to freedom of speech and thought.

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  1. The EU bureaucrats don’t want anyone to be able to say anything that isn’t approved of by the EU Bureaucrats, they don’t want the power that was held by Stalin and Mao, they want to hold enough power to make Stalin and Mao look moderate.

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