Selective enforcement in the UK: Tommy Robinson Vs. muslim for passport fraud

BBC story on Tommy Robinson who went to the US to speak at a 911 memorial on a fake passport. This was without question a humanitarian goal as it was to commemorate the victims of a brutal terrorist attack on US soil that killed thousands.

The leader of the English Defence League has been jailed for 10 months for using someone else’s passport to travel to the USA.


Stephen Lennon, 30, from Luton, admitted possession of a false identity document with improper intention.

Lennon used a passport in the name of Andrew McMaster to board a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to New York, Southwark Crown Court was told.


He entered the US illegally then used his own passport to return to the UK.


Lennon had previously been refused entry to the US and used a friend’s passport to travel to the country in September.

So he pleaded guilty, but was inside a jail cell for 10 months.

Then we have this:

Refugee who used her own family’s passports to smuggle two asylum seekers into UK illegally is spared jail because judge thought her motive was ‘humanitarian’

A refugee who abused her and her family’s new British passports to bring in two illegal migrants has been praised for her ‘humanitarian desire’ by a judge.

Somalia-born Hana Abdi Qahtan, 46, tried to pass off a 16-year-old Yemeni as her son at London Heathrow Airport and had another UK passport for an older woman hidden in her hijab.

She had flown to Bahrain on her UK passport, also bringing her son’s and mother’s with her to be illegally used by two distant relatives to enter Britain.

The part-time carer, who lives in Manor Park, East London, applied for asylum in 2006 and became a British citizen in 2013, also getting passports for her mother and many children.


She pleaded guilty at Isleworth Crown Court in London to one count of facilitating a breach of immigration on September 10 last year and received seven months of imprisonment, which was suspended for 12 months. The maximum sentence is 14 years imprisonment.


So suspended sentence of 7 months, for actually using the passports in the commission of a crime, which is people smuggling on top f the crime of false passport. But for this she is praised for it.

I will refrain from expressing my own thoughts or proper course of action at this time.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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4 Replies to “Selective enforcement in the UK: Tommy Robinson Vs. muslim for passport fraud”

  1. This is typical of the actions of the British Government, they have turned into a police state and I doubt if they can be voted out in any upcoming election.

  2. The issue of entering a country with a false passport, should be the issue for that country entered. That is the criminal act.

    The issue of leaving a country with a false passport? There is no crime.
    What country locks it citizens in, except Socialists? muslims going to fight for ISIS? Fantastic! They don’t ever get to come back.

    Oh, the marxists want them to return to vote.

    UK Prisoner X.

  3. It is interesting that the left in all nations claim to want open borders by are punished Tommy for acting in such a way to create an open border for himself.

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