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10 Replies to “Speaker’s Corner in London is now for muslims and Marxists only it seems”

    • Given the size and the timing of the caravan this may be the match touches off the massive explosion that has been building. This caravan is a big FU to every American, they are saying they don’t care about our laws or the election and are daring us to use the level of violence it will take to stop them.

  1. Listen–Pat Buchanan: Migrant Caravan Is Trump’s Chance to Stop ‘Third World Invasion of the West’

    Buchanan said:

    It’s the signature issue of the president or just about the signature issue of controlling the border, securing the border, building the wall, halting illegal immigration. It’s the major issue in Western Civilization right now.

    The folks from the south who are dealing with repression and war and poverty and hardships all want to come north to Europe and the United States. And it enables Donald Trump to demonstrate he’s a leader on this issue, this is his issue. And he can take action to secure the borders and prevent what is really a third world invasion of the West.

    I believe that if Pres Trump wins the mid-terms, he will enact such policies that will stop the invasion North America, and collapse the EU and the invasion of Western Europe.

    I feel like Princess Leia massaging to DJT ” Help us Don One, you are our only hope”.

  2. Avi puzzles them.
    He’s an Arab Jew. Trims his beard like a Gulf Arab, speaks Arabic with a Yemeni accent (I think). Yet he’s a tough, kippa-wearing Israeli who won’t back down.

    Israel’s gotten a lot more – well – Arab-looking over the last decades. About even at Independence, the Mizrachi (eastern) Jews had way more babies than the Ashkenazis. Then everybody mixes in the army. So despite the huge influx from the Soviet Union, dominant dark genes have been gaining.

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