Interview with former Dutch PVV politician and convert to Islam, accused of orchestrating gang rape and beating

Here is an interesting video from the Netherlands, (thanks to C for translating) of an interview with a man who was a PVV (Geert Wilders party) and converted not just to islam, but to Wahhabi islam. The most obnoxious and supremacist form of Islam.

The fellow interviewing him, is another convert, but seems somehow to be trying to extract a confession of sorts. The confession being about his involvement in the alleged orchestrated rape and assault of a Dutch politician who subsequently committed suicide and left a suicide video, published here, where she accuses the interviewee.

To see the suicide explanation video by the deceased politician, please pick here.

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  1. As a German I recognize great similarities between the insane Islam and the fascist Nazi ideology. The first victims of these ideologies are the affected, even “infested” peoples themselves. I.e. the Muslims are those who in their indoctrinated, excluding fanaticism do not even notice how they let themselves be cheated for their life and happiness. That is why they do not allow anyone else not to be part of their ideology and they dismiss everything as unworthy of life.

    My grandfather was only 32 years old when he died as a soldier on 25 June 1944 in Belarus. If he had refused military service, he would have been shot as a “coward” and publicly denigrated as such. After all, he had fathered three children before, so that we 6 grandchildren and all great-grandchildren can enjoy life. Had he not been, we would not exist. So it goes in millions. Every third German war child grew up without a father and never saw hin again.

    Whenever I watch these videos on YouTube looking for war evocations on the former Eastern front and digging up bones, I have to think about how many young men lie in the cold Russian earth, sacrificing their lives for a madman, for nothing but stupid fanaticism. Even our grandfather, whom we never met, and whose loss was a life-long affliction to his children in particular. This has repercussions up to our time.

    • How could such a large and important cultural people as the Germans sink so deeply into barbarism? Such ideologies, which make false promises of salvation, turn people into animals.

      • They were lied to by their political leaders and the media. In WWI Germany was defeated but no fighting took place in Germany so the German people believed the people who said that the soldiers were betrayed by the politicians who surrendered. This plowed the ground for the seeds of discontent sowed by both the Communist and their leftist brothers the Fascists, both were considered to be part of the left and were the wave of the future that would bring peace, prosperity and non corruption to the world. By the time that large numbers of people woke up to the danger it was too late the Fascists had total control of the government and police and had disarmed the private citizens. This didn’t stop several resistance movements from forming but there were small and easily crushed by the Secret Police. In the early days of the Fascist rule there were many attempted assassinations of Hitler and other high ranking Fascists but they all failed.

        Look at how the far left seized power in Europe this time, it was in many ways similar to what the Fascists did in the 1920s and 1930s, they just haven’t consolidated their power to the point they can crush all resistance. Look at what is being done in Holland against Wilders, France and le Pen, Germany and AfD and Britain and the UK Independence Party.

        Look at how antifa has people worried and not wanting to openly oppose the Far Left and their attempt to create the 4th Reich out of the EU.

        The greatest sin of the tyrants on the left is the way they have destroyed the teaching of History, with out knowing history nations are easily lead into foolish actions. If you don’t know where you have been how do you know where you are going?

        • Everything right. Apart from the categorization left-right, this cannot apply to the Nazi empire, because they were only interested in an ideological goal: their own dominance due to alleged racial superiority. They would not have cared whether they had named themselves whatsoever.

          They ruthlessly cleared the “leftist” “revolutionaries” in their ranks out of the way, as you can see from the “Night of the Long Knives”. Nazis make common cause with all: with big industrialists, with noblemen, with Bolshevists, with Muslims, with Christians. yes even for a short time “Zionists”. They were so cunning that everyone fell for them.

          • The kibbuzim in Israel were “socialist”, ig ou will. The Swedish welfare state is socialist in its form. Nevertheless, the Swedish economy is a market economy.

            I always warn against taking such position, we are mistaken in believing that globalism, which does not only view the financial crisis or the floating of migrant streams as “exchangeable goods”, is something absolutely favourable.

      • How could such a large and important cultural people as the Germans sink so deeply…?

        Losing so many fathers, a couple generations of families shattered…. How does a society heal from such a loss?

      • AfD anew wants to get rid of anti-Semite Wolfgang Gedeon (disguised as anti-Zionist). SPD wants to get rid of Islam-hater Sarrazin. Kinda strange that Gedeon (Gideon) is a Jewish and Sarrazin (saracen) a Muslim name.

        • Obviously great Lord arranged it that we always remain “recognizable” for everyone until the end of our days. An iron irony, a bitter ice-cold truth.

          The Lord does not love injustice, the universe does not love imbalance. Why he gave the oil to the Arabs is already a hard test of mankind.

            • When I heard the story of Tom Franz (Cologne), who is a star in Israel, it immediately occurred to me that one of the worst murderers of Jews came from his region of origin: Kurt Franz (Dusseldorf). They both have the same brown eyes. Is all this a strange coincidence?

                • “If England and Germany are Cain & Abel,”

                  Cain killed Abel out of jealousy so Cain is ‘you didn’t make that’ Germany.

                  “are Israel and Germany then Esau & Jacob?”

                  Esau sold his birthright for his appetite, so this is LGBTQ+ Germany.

                  Any more biblical Germany comparisons?

            • The play “…describes how the wise Jewish merchant Nathan, the enlightened sultan Saladin, and the (initially anonymous) Templar bridge their gaps between Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Its major themes are friendship, tolerance, relativism of God, a rejection of miracles and a need for communication.”

              “Or are all three a lie?”

              No. They are all truely what they are.

              Islam is submission to Allah and Muhammad. The only liars, are the good-people who call themselves musims. The dhimmis are honest coward and the rapists and killers the best.

              Judaism claims the mother-line and not the father-line to make their children closer to G_d. The Communists ranks are full of these..

              Christianity is the ego wrapped in the blanket of Superman who will come back and get them..

              You see how when they get together it always ends?

      • “At least 50,000 Norwegians entertained during the occupation by the Wehrmacht in the Second World War a love affair with a German soldier. Around 12,000 children from these relationships were on record.

        Now Norway has officially apologized for the treatment of women. “The Norwegian authorities have violated the basic principles of the rule of law,” said Prime Minister Erna Solberg in Oslo . “No citizen may be condemned without judgment or law.””

        No Norwegian Citizen who has renounced their citizenship by betraying their country, especially women, may be condemned without judgment or law.

  2. This subject has been about occupiers and traitors.
    It has been brought to this tread that there is
    1. an equivalency of all religions,
    2. Traitors must be tried by the traitors (it’s what we would do – sleep with the enemy) in office.

    This preparation for the Great Treason: Every Citizen to have a broken Moral Compass.

    On nom de plumes and redistribution of wealth:
    “Hereward’s story has affinities with that of Robin Hood and from the twelfth century down to the twentieth he has been the focus of popular stories embroidering on the aftermath of the Norman Conquest. Unlike Robin Hood Hereward had a readily verifiable historical existence and his nationalist associations are stronger. His popularity has not been constant and indeed it was undermined by the rise of the Robin Hood legends. This paper indicates the main sources of our knowledge of Hereward and investigates the attitudes shown by them towards his personality and actions and considers what they contribute to our understanding of post-Conquest English consciousness and identity.”

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