War at the Gaza border

From a reader of Gates of Vienna:

Israel is poised for attack, the tanks are in place, there were soldiers camping in the office car park this week. we are all just waiting for it.

The missiles during the week were an escalation, a grad to Beersheva destroyed a house, and one was fired up the coast towards TA but fell in the sea.

The government has not responded (yet) but the Egyptians are trying to defuse the situation. We are just waiting for the next war.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives: http://gatesofvienna.net/authors/mc/

Stock image of Grad missile:


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  1. Was there recently and the reason there are so few injured by the rockets is th3 number of bomb shelters in every home building shop even all the bus stops
    Children’s schools and even entire play centres with small soccer play area for the kids under massive bom shelters
    15 second warning area
    Where the citizens brave courageous stand their ground and refuse to run from the savages
    Shook hands with the mayor of sderot after listening to an amazing
    Talk by him about the city
    Hoping all the dear children of sderot are sleeping as peacefully as they can….

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