British government cheat the public again with slap on wrist to child-sex-slavers: Links 1, Oct. 19, 2018

1. A failed attempt at symmetry against the thuggish communist left in the US

This is a failed attempt because on a number of occasions, leftists have actually forced conservatives out of restaurants and ruined their evenings. All these guys did was make it momentarily difficult to get in to a restaurant. But they perhaps at least showed them what its like to live in the world they most certainly created.

I doubt that though, as it cost them nothing but gave them fuel to attack the non-left. And I do have a nagging feeling this was a false flag. Especially as it was removed from Youtube. So I restored it to Bitchute.

2. Salvini

3. Swedish deportation priorities

4. US, Israel, Colombia Reveal Maduro Accomplice Is Connected to Hezbollah– Investigations from the United States, Israel and Colombia have linked, through several financial transactions, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s alleged accomplice Alex Saab to Hezbollah.


Saab is seen as a beneficiary under the Venezuelan state program called the Local Supply and Production Committees, which administers basic foods to citizens at a subsidized costs through foreign exchanges for the acquisition of food items from abroad.


Saab was connected to the food distribution by the contracts that  the Grand Limited Group company signed with Maduro.


These transactions traced back to Saab “originated with the Central Bank of Venezuela and ended up in Asia after passing through tax havens,” reported The PanAm Post. Those transactions then allegedly went to Hezbollah.

5. US-bound migrant caravan prepared to begin crossing from Guatemala to Mexico

Invasion army tears down border fence at Mexico and throngs through

6. Chief Spreading Bull, rebuked by Cherokee Nation for her fakery, including, but not limited to, traditional Amer-Indian recipes.

(Nice of Styx to get dressed for this video as well)

7. The UK judiciary cheats the British public AGAIN with the rape gangs giving each brutal and sadistic child sex slaver and gang rapist a mere 5 years and change MAX per person, while trying to make it look severe by giving total number of all accused and multiplying by two.

(The public really should be tearing down the building and putting up guillotines at this point. I think a pick pocket gets more than 5 years for a second offence in the UK at this point. At least if he is White and British. They should have got 200 years EACH MINIMUM not a lousy 11 years where they HAVE TO BE RELEASED AFTER HALF Like Choudary was today.)

Thank you Yucki, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, EB., and all who sent in materials. If you don’t need an aspirin if you read up to here, I want your secret.


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4 Replies to “British government cheat the public again with slap on wrist to child-sex-slavers: Links 1, Oct. 19, 2018”

  1. 7. The UK judiciary cheats the British public AGAIN

    At some point, I would begin to fear for the well-being of any prosecutors, public defenders, judges, and arresting officers involved in this abortion of justice or others like it.

  2. The harassment of the Dems of the Dems may well be a false flag, the left is well known for false flag operations that make their political opponents. Combine this with the migrant caravan and you get a picture of impending chaos, chaos that the Radical Left has been fomenting for decades. Chaos that is suppose to destroy all Western Nations so the left can take over, while the destruction of the rule of law and civilization is for the most part a given the left being able to take over is highly questionable. The left thinks that because we (the right) don’t riot and attempt coups when the far left leaders are in power destroying civilization we are so scared that we will never fight. We (the right) have been trying to remove the left from power through the ballot box instead of using mob rule. This doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t use force in we are pushed to it, it means we are doing everything we can to keep the rule of law in place.

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