Compare this to Canada not being able to build a monument to victims of communism

H/T Ava Lon

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2 Replies to “Compare this to Canada not being able to build a monument to victims of communism”

  1. “The conservative government has introduced new #Decommunization laws, making it illegal to promote communism through street names, names of public buildings & monuments”

    That’s the UK politicians and police being sent to the Hague for the traitorous Peace Crimes it inflicted on its Subjects over the last fifty years.

  2. Good!!!. After how they behaved in 1939 after their invasion of eastern Poland (the efficiency of their “removal” of those Poles capable of leadership shocked even the Nazis) and then sat on the Vistula and allowed the Nazis to destroy the Polish Home army in 1944 (also the soviets denied allowing allied planes dropping supplies to the Poles to land and refuel in their territory which totally destroys their argument that the red army was too exhausted to help the poles) and which almost all of the world ignore, especially leftists, no soviet arrival in Poland can or should be remembered except as a black day. Stalin as a commander was given a hiding by the Poles in ~1922, never forgave them and made them pay heavily.

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