Below, quite a good recap of some of the events that define Germany in the past few weeks.

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  1. Women police are like handbags: accessories only and NOT functional otherwise. This is true for 80-90% and smears that 10-20% who are as good as any male policeman, if not better. The massive campaign to bring women into the police force actually degraded the ability to police as the numbers quoted as police include these useless ones. However, if anyone thinks that I believe all male police are honest and competent then I can tell a few stories from personal experience there also. We are lucky if most are.

  2. Even dishonest male cops would be more useful in this matter–honesty is irrelevant. Strength and a capability for violence are required. The females here are exactly as you describe–accessories. In my home town they just announced that they are scrapping all physical fitness testing.

    This dovetails perfectly with Eeyore’s theory yesterday of London directing their police forces to chase rumors of hurt feelings rather than real crimes. It’s all a part of weakening defense capabilities. When the moment comes calling for a kinetic response, it won’t be there.

    Savages must be dealt with savagely.

  3. On the two Germanies vid, when was the last time a right-wing patriotic German political party used their country’s secret service for political ends? Exactly. And if they did it sure didn’t stick, did it?

    Also it may be time to dispel an old wive’s tale–that social trends move west to east. You know, how everything new starts in California sort of thing. No longer. I think the reunification of East and West Germany should be reconsidered by the east. Promote the spread of V4 attitudes by holding a referendum on separating from the West. Deunify Germany before it’s too late. Let the East rise with the V4 and the West wane into Redgreen tyranny. Let the new Iron Curtain be guarded against jihad by fierce Mangalica pigs.

    We live in an Anything Possible era.

  4. The loudmouth wasn’t so tough anymore when the 8 bouncers came for him! Nice kicking, very satisfying to watch.
    I wonder where he’s from, can’t make out what he’s yelling.He may have dyed his hair, I know there are blond Amazigh but they’re rare. Maybe Chechen?

  5. Maybe Germany should fire its police officers and hire bouncers on the national level.

    Very happy to see the creep get schooled.

    • The German government is having some trouble hiring police officers, so what you’re proposing may actually sort of happen. In a few years they may have rent-a-cops on every corner, US-style. Expensive though.

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