Monday’s Islamic terror attack in Cologne was meant to be MUCH worse

From our translator, MissPiggy with much thanks

The suit cases of the train station terrorist were filled with fire accelerants.

Steel balls were attached.

Cologne terrorist wanted to do “immense damage”. (Not getting this news in Germany)   

If the identified culprit, a 55-year-old Syrian, had exploded his total inventory of gasoline and gas cartridges, with steel balls attached, there would have been a much more violent crime on Monday with “much greater damage” created, said Cologne Chief of Criminal Klaus-Stephan Becker on Tuesday

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5 Replies to “Monday’s Islamic terror attack in Cologne was meant to be MUCH worse”

  1. Steel balls were attached.

    Obviously, not to the ecktual terrorist, himself. What takes real balls—or ovaries, for that matter—is a willingness to pursue nonviolent negotiation and change.

    Instead, we’re stuck with a bunch of hysterical, arse-lifting, drama queens who’re obsessed with attaining a “paradise” so utterly improbable as to make the Jack Tar’s mythical Fiddler’s Green look like a dead cert bet.

    I continue to dread all further speculation as to what sort of object lesson will be necessary in order to end Salafist jihadism. Taqiyya and other Koranic edicts literally assure backsliding, sectarianism, fragmentation, constant low-intensity conflict, and never-ending recidivism.

    This, in turn, holds out little hope for any conventional path of resolution. It is this intentional narrowing of options that, over the centuries, has served Islam so well. Basic reciprocity demands that the West begin narrowing Islam’s options to an equal or much greater extent.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: A personal preference for massively disproportionate retaliation tends to offset the D’Arsonval movement on my ACME Paybacks Meter™.

    Again, after successfully using hyper-violence for century upon century—often enough just for the sake of utterly demoralizing any of Islam’s challengers or opponents—this flamboyant, en masse proto-DeLargesque style, violence-for-violence’s sake motif has totally worn out its welcome (as if it ever had any to begin with) in the Civilized World™.

    It’s crucial that Western powers start thinking out the few viable strategic pathways that can brings its foes to their knees without annihilating countless millions of people. It’s best kept in mind that THIS ROUTE MAY NOT EVEN BE POSSIBLE. In the past, entities like Islam have made this sort of hyper-violence into a sort of Battlefield Brand Name™—just as the Salafists of today are doing.

    Discouraging them with conventional hyper-violence will require a massive expenditure of blood and treasure. It also will likely demand of foreign (i.e., non-USA) troops levels of kinetic engagement that they may not be able to handle or are even trained for.

    Unbundling this Gordian Knot will be the 21st century’s greatest challenge.

  2. Let us pray that the Islamic Terrorists keep ignoring the fact that when building a bomb KISS is the way to go. Keep It Simple Stupid creates bombs that work, complicated devices require people who know what they are doing.

    • Wow. They really drag their feet and only reveal if the parallel universe of info forces them to. And thanks for all your work MissPiggy!

  3. That’s why I keep my eyes peeled as I wonder around Duesseldorf. A place that is bound to see attacks in the not too distant future. The BKA prevented an attack in the Kö in 2016 just before Brexit…..another attack is long overdue

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