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10 Replies to “Matteo Salvini answers a few questions on migration”

  1. Isn’t it strange to hear such clear, honest language from a politician? Wonderful, yes, but juxtaposed with the linguistic inversions of the doublespeak Left, the clarity of Salvini and Orban is starkly illuminated.

  2. The Right in Europe is no longer anti-Semitic

    …[R]adical right movements have undergone a process of change. Leaders have risen who shook off racist Nazi heritage and openly support the State of Israel. They removed anti-Jewish neo-Nazis from their movements in shame. They refined the national positions of the movements, and now they express a just position that demands the preservation of the national, religious and cultural identity of the peoples of Europe.

    Just as the property of a private individual must not be usurped, as the communists did in the countries they took over, people should not be deprived of their national and religious identity, as the radical liberals of the left, the successors of Communism such as the British Labor Party, wish to do today…


  3. Matteo “Blasting Cap” Salvini’s fulminations are nothing less than the purifying fire and brimstone that will be required to delouse Europe. After playing the EU’s “immigrant” doormat for so long, it’s small wonder that a firebrand like Salvini has finally burned his way through the hedge labyrinth of Schengen Area bafflegab and psychobabble.

    The only astoundingly tragic aspect to all of this is that it took so long. Although definitely no fault of Salvini’s, it’s certainly cause for concern so long as the orinigal perpetrators of this crime against Western humanity goes unanswered for.

  4. Thanks Yucki. I wrote a long thing then scrapped it. I think there is truth to this. I think Central European leaders get it. Western Europeans are screwed. Their Muslim voters will make sure of it. And I don’t think the Central Europeans will revert to their bad old days. Too much info now. They know Jews are an asset not to be chased off.

    • I wrote a long thing then scrapped it.

      Don’t dooooooo that!

      Please, Johnnyu, for someone of your authorial ability, always keep a draft copy lingering about of any essay you’ve written. If you haven’t already purchased a terabyte backup drive, please do so right away. Give yourself the digital elbow room to maximize your creativity and then build a trail of breadcrumbs through your development as a writer.

      I can look back on some of the first major counterjihad articles of mine ever published AND FLINCH at their pomposity and strained grandiloquence. I also can see swift movement towards a much more refined and consistent style.

      With bulk storage at an all-time low in price, please avail thine self of this phenomenal power tool (if you have not already done so). All the best. NR

    • Given what is happening around the world it won’t be long before Western Europe starts counting bullets instead of ballots.

  5. I think Central European leaders get it.

    And well they should—as they have little to no excuse for anything less. Alive, within the living memory of all their nations are deep personal remembrances of bad times past. Too often, these memories are borne of of senseless cruelty and the intense individual suffering that so frequently accompanies such barbarity and viciousness.

    A useful meme is that: ISLAM IS A SPIRITUAL GULAG.

    With so many of them having seen the Gulag Archipelago all too up-close and personal, most Central Europeans probably can spot Islam’s sort of institutionalized two-tier chicanery right out at the horizon’s edge.

  6. Quite right, NR. The V4 can really say they’ve seen it and done it all in terms of tyranny, so don’t try to fool us with more B.S. Mr. Juncker, they may say. Merkel, on the other hand, is one of those East German commies who, it seems, simply moved her office a little west and kept commie-ing on. It’s hard to believe it, but some of the older people there are actually nostalgic for the bad ‘ol days. Great movie:


    • It’s hard to believe it, but some of the older people there are actually nostalgic for the bad ‘ol days.

      During the Glasnost era, Mikhail Gorbachev encountered much of the same thing when members of the audience began grumbling about missing their free bread.

      Gorbie promptly challenged them with, “Which of you should we arrest to grind the wheat and bake the bread?”

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