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3 Replies to “ISIS in a Greek Refugee Camp”

  1. Send them back!!!, send this criminals back to this shit holes countries where they come from , problem solve , Why Europe and Europeans have to deal with this nightmare?, .. it’s unbelievable..

  2. Citing conflict, Minneapolis police won’t look into claim against Keith Ellison
    A statement said the department would seek to refer the case elsewhere.

    The DFL Party’s attempt to find a law enforcement agency willing to investigate a domestic abuse claim against U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison was mired in uncertainty Wednesday, after the Minneapolis Police Department said it would seek to refer the case to another jurisdiction.


  3. Seth Frantzman@sfrantzman

    Awful that #AfterISIS that recruiters were still at work to promote #ISIScrimes; authorities must be more vigilant, you’ll notice they can’t operate so easily in Iraq, but in Greece? Shame. And what does it mean to “expel” them, expel them where? Arrest for terror support?
    Remember when #ISIScrimes and its intolerance were dismissed an excused with skepticism, even as it bragged of its agenda. This is why you must always be skeptical of sources and some human rights organizations agenda. Never forget. ISIS, like Nazis, went on to commit genocide
    When ISIS attacked innocent people and put up videos of mass executions targeting Shi’ites, there were those in the West who called them “insurgents” and wouldn’t condemn atrocities, blaming Baghdad instead. Then ISIS committed ethnic-religious cleansing and still silence
    Then in August 2014 it committed systematic and unprecedented genocide, filling mass graves and selling thousands into slavery. But the narrative that it was “reacting” sectarianism continued
    The 50,000 foreign fighters who joined ISIS and often participated in its crimes were not “reacting” to any sectarianism, they came from chauvinist backgrounds, often from countries where they were the majority, to go to Iraq and victimize locals, indigenous, minorities
    And yet there was a persistent lobby not to define ISIS what it was, a genocidal organization committing unprecedented mass murder and systematic destruction of religious sites, and harm to people; instead there were too many “explanations” and excuses
    We must remember #AfterISIS to never accept these kinds of explanations again, never accept that hate groups who advocate genocide be seen as victims of “sectarianism” and not turn perpetrators into victims. We need to hold these groups accountable, not coddle them.


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