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5 Replies to “A pretty good analysis of the Government-media complex”

  1. Part of that audience has got to be questioning what the hell is going on, they cannot be that ignorant or kowtowed.

    I call the people going along with the censorship “conformists”.

    • And I call them “Canadians”; with a few blessed exceptions – Faith Goldy herself being one – my respect for my fellow Canadians and their ability to think independently and outside of the progressive, post-modernist box, is … let’s just say it’s quite low.

        • Yep. Canada is the new Sweden.

          Having been to both places when they were in their prime, the term “double tragedy” doesn’t even begin to describe this travesty.

          My heart goes out to all in either country that are enduring this intentional cultural genocide. I can barely stand to imagine how drastically things have changed since my last visits. It makes me physically shudder in horror.

          • One of my favorite reporters, Dale Hurd from CBN, recently came to Canada on a fact finding mission.

            I look forward to seeing his report. It should give a decent idea of where we are now.

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