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2 Replies to “The TRUTH about Toronto Danforth shooting: Ezra Levant”

  1. So what’s the reason for the state-sponsored cover-up? Could it be that islamic terrorism is not compatible with the multiculti narrative? If only we can minimize this pesky muslim violence during their acclimatization to our society (disregard 2nd gen. antics) or something like this? Is this the reasoning of the Trudeau and Soros accolytes? It can’t be. This makes no sense in the deconstructive PoMo paradigm. Real integration of aliens with alien cultures would be constructive, not deconstructive. It’s tough to climb inside the minds of ideologues who use wishful thinking as their prime motivator and logic suppressor. However I think it is important to recognize that while the neoMarxist endgame is the usual hammered tyranny, replete with mass murder and gulags, they get there in a very sophisticated ride. Like driving a Lamborghini to a shithouse in a muddy field.

    The linguistic firepower of the Left surpasses the clunky truthspeak of the Right. Poetic weaving and dodging turning black to white and up to down, burning confusion into the minds of we sad sacks just trying to make a living. Sprinkle in lies, and suppress some salient facts, and you’ve got a linguistic weapon of mass destruction.

    I think one reason the Right is hamstrung is because the truth cannot be inverted for profit. Its beauty is its own bleak minimalism. Only lies benefit by wearing the lipstick of fancy words. Fancy words appeal, too, to those who feel deficient.

    Is there a better trick to counter the inversion tactic than truth? Take the religion of peace, for instance. The truth is inverted by the omission of the fact that peace reigns only after the conquest of the non-believers.

    Same game, different name.

    • There was a video recently that described 0’s debate with Romney along the lines you describe. 0 exposed chasms of ignorance and flat-out lied. Romney held to reason and facts.
      No contest.

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