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6 Replies to “Donald Trump: “OPEC is ripping off the rest of the world””

  1. Trump is a fighter and an excellent counter puncher who is determined to ensure that the United States remains a free nation. This is what way too many people don’t realize and because he isn’t one of the self proclaimed elite they think he is dumb and is easily taken advantage of, try this at your peril. Attack the US or threaten the US at your peril. The world has been warned.

  2. “You know Trump’s speech to the UN was great today because the media isn’t talking about it much except the laughter at the beginning. Believe me by the end of the speech those idiots weren’t laughing.”
    unseen1 – September 25, 2018 – Twitter

    “President Trump Speech to 73rd U.N. General Assembly – Transcript and Video…” by Sundance – September 25, 2018

  3. He’s marvelous!

    Those German goofs are marked critters. They should’ve watched the video of 0 “playfully” insulting DJT in 2013. Retaliation took a few years, but one result is the exquisite filleting of 44’s entire presidential legacy.

    After decades of playing us for chumps, our “uncooperative” OPEC “allies” require an attitude adjustment. That wasn’t going to happen with Tillerson at DoS. Pompeo and the economics team are offering lessons to our oily friends everyday. If they’re smart, they’ll learn from the NAFTA negotiations. (Not just lose their senses sport-kicking Canada.)

    Key OPEC players owe their existence to our security umbrella. We’ve spent blood and treasure; they feel as contemptuous of us as they do of all infidel mercenaries.

    Soldiers under PTrump’s command are nobody’s mercenaries. He expects tards to do most of their own fighting.

    He makes deals. Like the Godfather: he does favors for friends and he expects gestures of friendship in return.

    He’s been the friendliest American president to Israel in its 70-year history. Israelis adore him: they’re naming everything after him. He’s their champion. (VP Pence is a soulmate.)

    From time to time he asks Bibi for a favor. Something that might go against the grain. Like rescuing a passel of White Helmet jihadis, or releasing a Turkish terrorist. Bibi complies, takes the heat himself, never complains.

    Not much becomes public. I trust Bibi not to roll over in ways that might unduly compromise Israel. I also trust PTrump to listen to Bibi’s concerns and respect the judgement of a seasoned statesman when he has to say no. They’ve known each other for decades. That helps.

    It’s not quid pro quo, but there’s definitely the expectation that friends go out of their way for friends.

    Gulf producers want sanctions on Iran. Problem is, increased prices at the pump will hurt the world economy, damage PT at home. We understand prices, we’re _yuge_ energy exporters ourselves.

    If POTUS requests increased output, the only proper response is: Fine, how much?

    • It’s not quid pro quo, but there’s definitely the expectation that friends go out of their way for friends.

      The problem with this is that once the Far Left took control of the Dems they no longer considered anyone a friend, everyone became an expendable asset to further the cause of Marxist. This fact has been very hard to teach to the low information voters, they don’t realize that the Hard Marxists have pushed the soft Marxist our of the Democrat Party. It is going to be a scary decade of so until the vast majority of the people understand that the Dems no longer even pay lip service to the idea of listening to the people.

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