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12 Replies to “UKIP member stands up to now typical media distortion and ad-hominem attack extremely well”

  1. Comments disabled on You Tube (no surprise there). Mr. Batten stands up well to that inflammatory little bitch and her BBC style “agenda”. Nigel and Tommy should be proud.

  2. Convert or die. That’s always been the Islamic offer. Should one take up that “offer” then find Islam not to your liking, one can’t leave lest one find themselves, um, murdered. Sounds like a “death cult” to me … unless there’s agreement on Islam being a military movement disguised as a religion, then the death penalty is more an AWOL or desertion charge, which in the theatre of war, is a death penalty. At that point we can drop with the “death cult” assertion and make everyone happy.

  3. Gerard Batten has impressed me every time I’ve heard him speak. Shame about the split with Anne Marie Waters.
    I consider him to be “based” as in “based stickman”, a man who speaks from his heart without faltering.

  4. He spoke well. But boy are these interviewers hostile. He said towards the end ” You are determined to go down that road aren’t you?” They really have been programmed! Hostile to the end, unable to see reason.

  5. Why is that I cringe when I see the stupid black bitch who has NO friggin knowledge on Islam attack him? Do the Brits really employ idiots to be their talk show hosts?

  6. dswami, one doesn’t need to know the first thing about Islam in order to defend it. None of the people I know who are in favour of all the present horrendous goings on knows the very first thing about it. “Have a look at this”, I suggest; “here’s something to read”. But they don’t, they won’t and they never will.

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