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6 Replies to “Matteo Salvini defends italy from communists using muslims”

  1. “Italy: Police commissioner ATTACKED by migrants with razor blades in his OWN HOME, Matteo Salvini blasts EU migrant crisis, ‘Insane!’” by Pamela Geller – September 3, 2018

    Police Commissioner Nuccio Garozzo attacked.
    A Gambian has been arrested.
    The victim, Nuccio Garozzo, reported several stab wound wounds on different parts of the body. One of the two attackers, an 18-year-old Gambian, was identified. Investigations are still underway to capture his accomplice.
    Ultima TV Canale 8 REDAZIONE – Published on August 30, 2018

    • Interesting, I agree with part of what he is saying but doubt that China will ever become the economic powerhouse he predicts. It is still a manufacturing center for cheap goods what are shipped around the world, the problem is that if they can’t export they can’t survive. They are discovering this in the Trade War with the US and as the rest of the world descents into chaos they will have fewer and fewer markets to ship to. And you have to remember that China and to a lesser but not much lesser extent India is a group of First World Cities that are surrounded by Third World nations that have massive ecological problems that will have to be fixed in the near future. Both nations are facing that problem and unlike the US in the 1960s don’t have an innovative free market that can find solutions to their ecological problems. China is stuck in a corrupt culture created by and dominated by the Chinese Communist Party, India is stuck in a corrupt culture that is dominated by a Socialist political system that was created after the Brits pulled out.

      All of the predictions about China becoming a major economic force in the world are dependent on a semi steady social and political state in the West. As we all know this isn’t going to happen, All Western nations are descending into a state of chaos created by the left wing governments letting in massive numbers of uneducated and untrained invaders from the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. The vast majority of these are young (military aged) men who show military training and discipline when the situation requires it. This is creating the chaos that will destroy all of the Chinese Plans to become the dominate nation and create a Chinese Hegemony. It will also destroy the plans of the left to create a “Socialist Utopia”.

      • But if ethnic Chinese actually migrate and settle in Africa, things might go well for them. They’re smart, work hard, and nuture strong communities.

        They’ve done it elsewhere – maybe it’ll work out in Africa as well. Of course the blacks will try to kill them eventually. Then it’s up to the PLA…

  2. I had a very positive view of Salvini before watching those two clips but now … wow! With people like him, hope lives on in Europe (at least some parts of Western Europe). The Italians might end up leading the way? Who would have guessed that?

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