Video of a claim that Israel struck NORK and Iranian military assets in Syria last night

This info is pretty specific and not delivered like a hoax or conspiracy.

If anyone is in the mood to search for video evidence of this attack, it could be very interesting indeed. Much of it follows logically. Iran and NORK are clearly working to mutual interests. It doesn’t even seem implausible, but this source is new to me and there is nothing related to it anywhere I have seen so far.

Also for the: “I have no idea if its true” file.

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12 Replies to “Video of a claim that Israel struck NORK and Iranian military assets in Syria last night”

  1. This report is one you want to believe but with just one report you have to be very cautious.

    I have tried to find something to back up this report and can’t, maybe Yucki can.

  2. Heroes: I have no ear to hear about the failures of John McCain, especially during the time when he was a prisoner of war and after his release. I watched videos of Tommy Robinson after spending … how long? … in a UK prison. I was … surprised, not being real familiar with seeing the results of the tactics and torture that can psychologically break a human being. Tommy was definitely not himself (may he fully heal). So if McCain broke at times as they tortured him time and again with god knows what, and made recordings to his Communist captors, we know that eventually people will say anything under those conditions, just different breaking points. Some kind of superhero person would maybe keep silent (and then be killed). We know the standard, love it, strive for it, while encouraging others … martyrdom has its moment and place, but for me it is a last resort, personally decided against circumstances … Hrant Dink stayed in his Turkish homeland under many threats of death; Geert Wilders the same. Dink paid with his life; Wilders is paying with his freedom. There are so many others. I hope Robinson leaves the UK, but that is his decision, putrid justice system that’s there. If I can see some of the good that Donald Trump is accomplishing in this nation, and realize that this man is not perfect, cringe when he opens his mouth yet still would pick him over Clinton, then I can call John McCain a War Hero, despite faults and human frailties, despite the entities and powers that be he had to contend with on many sides. There are two sides to every truth; maybe even three or four.

  3. Replace NORK with CHINA. NoKo doesn’t act without China approval. NoKo is a sub-province of China. Those weapons were probably sold quite some time ago.

  4. We have to remember that McCain was tortured by the N Vietnamese. Having never been a POW, I cannot condemn him for whatever he said under those conditions. I did not care for him as a senator in his final years, but as an Army vet who spent the 60s in Germany as opposed to Vietnam, I respect his military record. May he rest in peace.

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