Chemnitz and other Islamic ‘improvements’ on Western society: Links 1, September 2, 2018

1. UK ex-Chief Rabbi misses the big point.

(I must say it is getting tiresome as hell that professional Jews still refuse to state the bloody obvious, The existential threat to Jews is from Islam. Corbyn’s antisemitism is because of his affiliation with Muslims, muslim groups, and leftist antisemitism in general. But this cowardice is tiresome.)

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s former chief rabbi has warned that Jewish people are thinking about leaving the country because of anti-Semitism.

Jonathan Sacks told the BBC on Sunday that for the first time in the 362 years Jews have been in Britain many question whether it is safe to raise children here.

He singled out Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for failing to address anti-Semitic attitudes in the main opposition party, saying Corbyn would pose a danger as prime minister unless he expresses “clear remorse” for past statements.

2. A reddit comment about islam in Toronto that is worth the minute read.

Related video:

3. Trudeau when he was a regular MP was rumoured to have used his position to give high priced speeches when that was illegal. So this should surprise no one.

4. Chemnitz protests continue:

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, C., Xanthippa, and MANY more who have made the effort to research and inform us all and each other.

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  1. (emphasis added to) Daniel Greenfield’s words in
    Professional feminists like professional Jewish or gay or black or union activists have little to do with the groups they claim to serve. They’re simply nothing more than front groups for a general Progressive agenda who are funded by major liberal think tanks, donors and political groups for the specific purpose of selling that agenda to the specific demographic they are responsible for.

  2. EURONEWS —- Church calls for tolerance in Chemnitz

    The Protestant church held a rally in Chemnitz to call for tolerance towards migrants as residents’ concerns grow over right-wing elements

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