10-year-old Boy Raped by his Classmates During a school trip –

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From this German publication:

Before the summer holidays started, a class of a Berlin elementary school made a trip to the Kröchlendorff Castle with 38 children. The goal was to learn team spirit, but it all turned out very differently.

During their journey to the Castle, the ten-year-old victim was threatened by his classmates, allegedly saying “We fuck you today”, to him repeatedly. Out of fear, the victim remained silent and did not confide his situation to his teachers. On the evening of the same day, his classmates finally made their brutal threat reality.

Two eleven-year-olds held the boy down as another ten-year-old classmate raped him. Two other students watched the abuse, but did not intervene, reports The Bild Online.

The three teachers and one assistant were unaware of what had happened. A week and a half later, it was revealed by a friend of the victim, who told a social worker at the school about the terrible events. After the incident became known, parents and police were immediately notified. The offenders were then, suspended from school.

School suspension for the perpetrators –

The main perpetrator, a delinquent aged 10, was already know for his propensity for violence. He is an Afghan, who is said to have lived in Iran, repeatedly hit his classmates. Following the psychological assessment, chances are slim that the perpetrator will be able return to a normal school setting in the future.

The two eleven-year-old accomplices were also suspended from school. Both of them, an Afghan and a Iraqi, have been transferred to another school. “I am appalled by this shocking incident. Everything must be done to support the injured child and his family,” said Education Senator Sandra Scheeres in The Bild. The young victim will also attend another school, because he does not want to return to his previous class.


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  1. Is this a normal mentality for civilization? I think not. These barbarians are taught from an early age that Infidels are their target, and they are superior to everyone else, and woman are under men in superiority. They are commanded by Muhammad the leader of the demonic world not to assimilate, and not take a non Muslim as a friend or helper. Sounds like ANTIFA doesn’t it?……..

      • Avowedly Socialists.
        One by Submission the other by Confession.
        The first can’t be shamed
        The second can’t be blamed

        Dhimmis and beta-ists
        Hitler’s fems and Marxist friends
        Houris call their name
        To rise Heaven’s Gain

  2. A German official doubts the rapist is 10, and I agree. Such pathological behavior generally starts around 13.
    Link won’t post, search for “Astrid-Sabine Busse, Chairman of the Association of Berlin School Leaders (IBS)”.

  3. The two eleven-year-old accomplices were also suspended from school.

    Notice the complete radio silence about “confinement” or “imprisonment”?

    It isn’t a matter of keeping these predators away from other children, it is an issue of public safety, and this trio represents a “clear and present danger” to society.

    • Indeed. You’d expect juvenile detention, but maybe they’re too young. Could anybody familiar with Germany’s criminal law comment on this?
      I’d also expect a psychological evaluation, possibly sectioning. Also test their age, privacy be damned.

  4. You’d expect juvenile detention, but maybe they’re too young.

    Too young for juvenile detention? I don’t think that anyone currently in juvenile detention (save, curiously, for the very youngest sexual prey), would care much with the way that anyone’s too young, too ripe, or too tender for a turn in the barrel.

    Oops, is my “Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth” slip showing overmuch?

    Lock them up with each other. Give them a solid opportunity to experience Islamic “masculinity” at close quarters and arm’s length (or the span of some other shorter bodily protuberance). There is so little chance such that any of these proto-terrorists will grow up to be anything other than jihadist killers that clustering them up in highly controlled circumstances is about all that you can hope for.

    This is a GLOBAL PONZI SCHEME (submit to this ideological chain-letter in less than two weeks or less for extra zakat, jizya, and other special Islamic benefits), and, meanwhile, Western Society is being mugged like the way some low-riders go after blue-haired LOLs (originally: Little Old Ladys) for their vintage (1940s–1950s–1960s) two-door Streamlined sedans.

    I could go on for hours about the immense irony of Mexican invaders (into America) prizing some of America’s finest built (and easiest to service) driving machines. Especially when Mexico’s automotive manufacturing base currently is churning out the Modern VW Beetle. Vomit.

    Would you care to guess how many of these wannabe, knockoff, Jell-O Mold, V-Dubs I saw on the Autobhans of Germany during my multi-week 2008 and 2009 sojourns? Like, two, maybe…

    Self-respecting German people wouldn’t be caught DEAD cruising on their magnificent Autobahns in anything less than a turbo-powered, fuel-injected, driving machine capable of +200 kph, MINIMUM. As someone who really and truly enjoys driving, having UNLIMITED use of the company car (second time around, a Citroen turbo-sedan), you just can’t have much more fun without first taking off your clothes. Full Stop.

    Carousing whilst Popping in and out of tunnels like an insatiable Olympian Satyr at an Grecian orgy, this was one of the world’s most expensive segments of freeway ever created. At an average of €10 million per kilometre (€16,000,000/mi) the, “Thüringer wald Autobahn” (Thuringian Forest Motorway) also includes the longest road tunnel in Germany at, 8 km (5.0 mi).

    Imagine, (cruising past murals depicting Mediterranean scenes, towards the rotating knives …) and truly knowing that someone gave a rotten, simmering, damn about the progress of your genetic strain.

    Confusing, I know. Never-the-less, this one track of tunnels and viaducts stirred my esthetic Nordic blood like few other European civil engineering projects for some time. The pristine wintertime tracks and vistas were beyond breathtaking…


    Any of you who’ve yet to drive

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